5 Day Countdown to the Marathon: A Checklist to Keep on Track

In 5 days, you will be bouncing back and forth at the starting line of the Chicago Marathon! You have worked so hard, trained for hours, and its finally here! These next 5 days are crucial to your event, make sure you do it right! Here is a 5-day countdown to help you keep your eye on that finish line!
  • Wednesday, 5 days away
    • At this point in time, you should be tapering down your training. Be sure to emphasize dynamic stretching and a good cool down during your last run
    • Check out your shoes and make sure they are durable for the race. You may need to purchase new shoelaces! Don’t let silly lace fraying ruin your day
  • Thursday
    • Start your sleep schedule now! It can take the body a few days to change your sleep patterns if you are in an earlier heat and are used to waking up later in the morning. Start setting your alert now (if you haven’t already) to make your
  • Friday
    • Don’t make any crazy changes to your diet! with the race being so close you may want to increase your carbs or your sugars. Our recommendation is unless you have met with a nutritionist or your coach, keep things the same
  • Saturday
    • Check the weather and get all of your gear out
    • Avoid sleep aides even the most natural sleep aides could throw you off enough
    • Check and recheck your plans
  • Sunday
    • Don’t change up your schedule


With these tips, we hope to help give you some useful tools to keep you on track for the big day! We will be rooting everyone on at this years 40th Anniversary Race of the Chicago Marathon! If you have any last minute worries or need that extra boost to keep you going, give us a call and get in for a tune-up or a Complimentary Functional Performance Screen.


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