As We Reflect on 2016

Oh, 2016. Or… Yay, 2016!

2016 is in the books; and for many people, 2017 couldn’t get here sooner!

Instead of focusing on the loss of Starman Bowie or Prince’s “Purple Reign” or the spontaneous combustion of cellphones on airplanes… let’s reflect on how 2016 made us pull up our sleeves, earn every day and put it in the past, with a smile!

Plus, if Beyoncé can turn lemons into Lemonade, then we can too… right? No offense, Queen Bey.

So here we go!

Since the housing market crisis that started in 2006, we had a decade of turmoil that left us homeless, helpless and many without jobs. But in 2016, more people purchased homes or learned that renting better fit their lifestyle, people were more confident in making personal finance decisions, and unemployment was at an all-time low!

Despite this, our small, family-owned business hired over 20 new team members this past year alone, making it our largest annual employment growth to date!

Holistic professionals, like physical therapists, are on the rise and these job opportunities are projected to grow faster than the national average for all occupations! With the rise of the Opioid Epidemic (part of our healthcare system that references an overuse of prescription drugs, finicky health-insurance programs and high-volume accidental deaths due to overdoses) we are having more and more youth join the frontlines by earning their clinical doctorate degrees and becoming practicing Doctors of Physical Therapy. With more physical therapists engaging in communities and the media, this opioid epidemic could be reversed!

Our Body Gears physical therapists have been very active in the #ChoosePT and #GetPT1st campaigns. Our therapists are engaged with lobbying and other legislative activities to make sure all patients are being treated fairly by their third party payer. We have also made an effort to support this rise of PT professionals by certifying our PTs with the Credentialed Clinical Instructor Program (CCIP), hosting and educating physical therapy Fellows and clinically educating physical therapy interns from all over the country. We’ve taken so many continued education professionals that we have a wait list and are expecting even more participants this year.

United States tourism is trending “up and to the right!” Tourism on the rise means that people have more monetary investment with their time; leisure or business. Tourism also directly affects the our GDP and organically helps the rise of available jobs. Americans are taking “wellness trips” and visiting neighboring States.

This year, Body Gears did a bit of its own traveling and became a ‘national company’ by opening up a clinic in St. Louis, MO and in San Diego, CA!

During the 2016 Olympics, the USA took home 46 gold medals – 121 total medals. Most famously the USA’s Final Five gymnasts stole our hearts with their record of 9 medals. Katie Ledecky became a strong female role model as she won the gold in all but one of her races. Swimming was a popular sport to watch this year, and the world was enthralled with the “spots” on swimmers bodies from the cupping technique.

Cupping is a fascial mobilization technique that has been used by physical therapists for years, especially our Body Gears team. Our physical therapists are educated through the Institute of Physical Art which places a large emphasis on how the body’s fascial system can contribute to dysfunction. Five of our very own Body Gears Physical Therapists won the gold this year by becoming Certified Functional Manual Therapists, joining an elite group of less than 300 worldwide!

The “Curse of the Billy Goat” ends! The Chicago Cubs win the world series ending a 108-year drought.

Body Gears was proudly born in Chicago, IL, U.S.A. and are happy to “Fly the W”

In conclusion, 2016 was a tough year, but we can try to find a silver lining. We have taken 2016 by storm as we added 3 new clinics, 20 new staff members, and have helped hundreds of patients.

We can’t wait to see what 2017 will bring us!