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What People Don’t Always Say About MRI Scans

November 7th, 2018
If something’s not right in your body, you want to know what’s causing the problem. Fair enough, since addressing a problem at its source is the best way to solve it. What better way to figure out what’s going on with your body than to take a look inside with an MRI? What you need

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7 Simple Ways to Stay Active Because Sitting is The Worst

October 30th, 2018
Do you have an all-or-nothing attitude when it comes to staying fit? So many of us are too “slammed” at work to go to the gym or our kids’ activities are keeping us in the car and off the cardio machine. Waiting until you have the time to get a good run or workout in

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What Is A Worry-Free Body Worth To You?

October 19th, 2018
When something doesn’t feel right in your body, where do you go for help? You can spend endless amounts of time and money while worrying if you’ll ever get better, if you’re doing more damage with every move, if you’ll need surgery, if you’ll get addicted to drugs, if you’ll ever have another PR, or

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Marathon Series – Warming Up, Do I Have To?

September 25th, 2018
Is it worth it to “wake up” your muscles or is it better to save time and energy? Ever a debate!  If you’re familiar with the work of Kelly Starrett, he writes about how leopards don’t need to warm-up before they run, so why should we? His answer is that unlike a leopard, we often

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Marathon Series – Common Training Injuries, Why They Happen, and What Can You Do to Fix It

September 21st, 2018
Annually, up to 79% of long-distance runners will sustain a lower extremity injury, but don’t worry, we are here to help! Here at Body Gears, we treat every patient with a unique approach to identify the root of the issue. With the Chicago Marathon around the corner, our physical therapists are ready to help you with any injury

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Tired of Lower Back Pain? Here’s What To Do:

September 20th, 2018
Lower back pain is the nemesis of many. That familiar ache can limit time spent working, relaxing, and enjoying life. It can lead to irritability and a whole host of other health problems. And, yet, it’s surprisingly common. The World Health Organization estimates that in the United States, 149 million days of work are lost

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Marathon Series – Powerful Tips for Running an Efficient Marathon

September 12th, 2018
The Chicago Marathon is fast approaching and WE want to help YOU perform at your optimum level! Our Body Gears Physical Therapists utilize CoreFirst® Strategies when we treat our patients – this is a thought process that extrapolates the idea that if your body is well aligned and your core INITIATES first every time, your

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Reduce Pain and Inflammation Through Nutrition

September 10th, 2018
Internal inflammation can wreak havoc with your health. You may already be seeing a physical therapist for inflammation-related health issues, such as arthritis. Whether you have a specific diagnosis or generalized pain in your back and joints, Body Gears can help. Your physical therapist may also suggest an anti-inflammatory diet for additional pain relief.  

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