Body Gears Teams up with Red Star Fencing Club to Talk Body Mechanics

Body Gears physical therapist Natasha Ratajczak and exercise tech Megan Robertson recently teamed up with the Red Star Fencing Club to discuss the body mechanics required to be an excellent fencer.

During an on-site session, the Body Gears team was able to help Red Star fencers gain a better understanding of their two weapon stances and how to improve their various fencing positions with efficient mechanics, alignment, strength, and balance.

“It’s very rare that a PT company will come in for a viewing of our sport,” stated Jon-Girl, manager of Red Star Fencing. “Body Gears has taken a great interest in understanding the mechanics of fencing, so it’s a great indication of their desire to serve our athletes. They ask about our shoes, lifted weapons and tried on gear to factor in elements that can result in common injuries. All our fencers that have gone to Body Gears have come back all sorted out.”

Fencing is a physically demanding sport that requires exceptional agility and control of the athlete’s upper and lower extremity and often can lead to a number of injuries.

If you, or someone you know is a fencer and wants to improve their performance or has an injury and is currently seeking treatment, please give us a call at 877-709-1090 and we will connect you with one of our Body Gears physical therapists.

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