Success Story Saturday: Low Back and Ankle

December 12th, 2014

Success Story Body Part: Low back and ankle Diagnosis: Lumbago, pain in joint-ankle My patient was quite pleased with the way Jonathan and I approached her painful gait complaint today (we co-treated her this session). Prioritizing the five most restricted soft-tissue and the five joint mobilization issues identified after watching her do the pre-tests (gait,

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Success Story Saturday: Lumbar Hyper Mobility

December 5th, 2014

Success Story   Body Part: Low back Diagnosis: Lumbar hyper-mobility   This morning I was working with a young ice-skater whose primary complaint was not being able to maintain proper spinal alignment during her figure skating jumps and turns. Patient performed a double axel as a pre/post test. At pretest patient demonstrated increased lumbar lordosis and an increase in elevated sternum during her second loop

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