Client Case Study: A Healing Gift

“I can’t think of a better gift than giving someone the ability to actually move and feel good.” – Leslie.

Leslie feels so strongly about the care she receives at Body Gears that she gifts the experience to friends who are in bad shape and in desperate need of healing therapy. Five of her friends who were depressed from pain or facing surgery, where nothing else had worked, have all experienced “miraculous results”.

“I had a friend who was going in for shoulder surgery and I got her five sessions as a gift,” said Leslie, adding that the friend was cured and avoided the surgery.

Leslie has been going to Body Gears on and off for different back and hip issues after going to physicians and other types of physical therapy.

“The thing about BodyGears is that they understand the body so well,” said Leslie. “They do a deep, intellectual analysis of how you move and what may be causing your issue.”

At one point, Leslie went to a podiatrist for frequent plantar fasciitis and though the doctor would work on her heel or tell her to stretch her calf, Body Gears diagnosed the root cause of the problem, stemming from her lower back, through her hip, down her leg and through her foot.

“Once they diagnosed and addressed my back issue, all of a sudden the plantar fasciitis was gone,” said Leslie.

A recent hip problem was cured by correcting improper muscle use while walking. Leslie learned initiation exercises to get the proper muscles moving in the morning, enforcing the brain/muscle connection and eliminating the pain.

“Now they’ve made me extremely aware of what it is I’m not using effectively in my body,” said Leslie. “Then when I start turning (the right) muscles on, all of a sudden I’m pain free.”

Leslie finds Body Gears to be very organized, offering a high level of service. Her sessions with several of the physical therapists have taught her a lot about her body.

“They really care about making you better,” said Leslie. “They know so much more about the body than anyone I’ve ever seen.”

Consider giving the gift of health, healing and recovery to someone you love by purchasing a Body Gears Gift Pack, available here.