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For Cyclists

Novice Cyclists

Are you looking to start cycling for fun, getting/staying in shape, or to begin training for a race?  Let us help you get started! We provide essential tips including: information on bicycles, nutrition, and training for your body to help maximize your cycling potential.  At Body Gears Physical Therapy, we will also provide you with invaluable information about your own body’s gears in order to avoid potential injuries, such as anterior hip impingement, low back pain, and hip bursitis. We make sure you have the necessary mobility of your foot, ankle, hip and pelvis, as well as the strength and motor control of your core muscles required to make sure these injuries don’t slow you down! It’s hard enough getting off the couch—make it the best transition possible and feel great doing it.

Injured Cyclists

Has your training/recreation been affected by a common cycling injury?  Does some other pain limit your ability to bike at your desired level?  We encourage you to bring your bicycle to the clinic for a cycling assessment so that we can investigate your mechanics. Applying the principles of Functional Manual Therapy®, we will assess for mechanical restrictions (soft tissue and joint issues), neuromuscular control (muscle initiation, strength and endurance), and motor control (automatic coordination of movement).  Why?  To ensure your cycling form is as efficient as it can be.  This means you can continue cycling without pain while improving your distances and times. Prioritize your health and performance and schedule an appointment with one of our highly trained therapists at any Body Gears Physical Therapy clinic.


Avid Cyclists

Are you looking for that little bit of something extra to give you the edge over your competitors?  Or are you training and training without seeing a drop in your times for an upcoming event?  By changing your cycling posture we see immediate results in your Automatic Core Engagement response.  The core response leads to decreased demand through the legs to reduce overuse of the quadriceps, thus reducing your fatigue near the end of your route.  We then train your musculoskeletal and neuromuscular systems on how to efficiently and automatically activate your core during cycling. Performance improves immensely!  Add us to your training regimen so we can help you go the extra mile.

Start your journey to better physical health.