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For CrossFitters

All CrossFitters know that at one point or another they will be sore and feel the need for better mobility or “body work”. CrossFit is based on being able to perform high impact activities efficiently through individual intensity, determination, and willpower to push beyond mental barriers. That takes a lot! It is no surprise that manual therapy is something essential for the CrossFit community. However, Functional Manual Therapy® takes this to a whole other level!

Body Gears physical therapists embrace the dynamics of Functional Manual Therapy® and incorporate it into treatment for YOUR body. By addressing your unique mechanical restrictions, neuromuscular impairments, and motor control dysfunctions we can help you improve your efficiency for CrossFit. We all know that the best CrossFitters are the ones who make the hardest movements look simple – putting out maximum performance with minimal wasted effort – that’s efficiency at its finest!


Our manual treatment is active, dynamic, aggressive, and comprehensive. Optimal function is the goal of this type of manual therapy and is directed towards identifying and enhancing functional capacity. For the CrossFitter, this means utilizing the functional movement patterns from the WOD during manual treatment to make the treatment specific, create less stressful movement patterns and to sequence motion. Let us help you find your efficient state! Come to Body Gears and enhance your body to its max.

Start your journey to better physical health.