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For Dancers

Do you dance with nagging pain, or have a new injury preventing you from performing to the best of your ability? Then Body Gears is the solution you have been looking for!

At Body Gears, we help you embrace the physical challenges of all levels of dance, while also addressing your day to day needs.

Young ballerinas on the lesson of classical choreography sitting in the splits gracefully raising his hands up near barre.

We understand that the demands of dance are different to the demands of everyday life – let us help you succeed in both! Our therapists will help you define and refine your form, allowing you to get back to dance faster and stronger. We understand YOUR goals and your NEED to get back into class. We aren’t going to make you stop your ballet bar, we are going to help you train while you heal. Using various equipment, our manual skills, and our dance expertise, we can help you achieve your goals.

Start your journey to better physical health.