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Body Gears Chicago – Downtown

At Body Gears Physical Therapy, we believe that freedom of movement is the foundation of a healthy and satisfying life. With locations throughout Chicagoland, Body Gears Physical Therapy is dedicated to helping patients achieve pain-free optimum movement. Our therapists work as an integrated team to help patients to heal, to stay healthy, to improve function and efficiency, or to prepare for a major life event such as a marathon or even childbirth. Our Body Gears Downtown team looks forward to helping you reach and maintain your functional potential!

Downtown: 211 North Clinton Street #2N Chicago, IL, 60661

Phone: 877-709-1090

Local: 630-876-9186

Fax: 866-221-3400


Hours:  M-F 7:00am – 8:00pm, Closed Weekends

Start your journey to better physical health

Body Gears Downtown Services Offered:

Body Gears Physical Therapy is a private, outpatient physical therapy provider rooted in the breakthrough practice of Functional Manual Therapy® (FMT). At Body Gears Downtown, we’re experts at finding the root cause of your symptoms. We like to say that we “connect the dots” of your physical blueprint, taking into account all of your previous injuries, illnesses, and movement issues. In technical terms, we assess your functional restrictions by identifying your mechanical, neuromuscular and motor control deficits. Then, we improve your body’s efficiency through soft tissue, visceral, neural and joint mobilization. After releasing restricted tissues, we then retrain those tissues for optimum movement.

Whether you’ve injured yourself playing sports, working, or just performing your everyday activities, Body Gears Downtown Chicago can help.

  • Everyday Aches & Pains
  • Pre & Post-Surgical Conditions
  • Performance Therapy
  • Body Tune-Up
  • Second Opinion
  • Low Back Program
  • TMJ Program
  • Women’s Issues/L&D Prep

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“Sarah does a fantastic job, she identifies problems and finds way to fix them that no other PT has ever been able to help with.  I would highly recommend especially if you have been around the block with no relief, she will get you back and going strong.  If you haven’t been around the block looking for relief then start here and you won’t experience what I have at other PT offices.”

– Anonymous Body Gears patient

Meet the Body Gears Downtown Team:

"If somebody's not obsessed with what they do, we don't speak the same language." - Kobe Bryant

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Dr. Alexandra Anderson


"My love and energy for physical therapy come from seeing the changes my patients make."

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Dr. Erica S. Burhop

Clinic Manager, PT, DPT, OCS, Women's Health Specialist

"I enjoy giving people the skills and knowledge to be in control of their bodies when they are in pain and when they are not."

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Dr. Robert ‘Kit’ Durban


"I examine a person's injuries as if they were an elite athlete. Integrating functional movement patterns into their daily routines to reach their optimal performance."

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Alyson Entwhistle


"My passion for physical therapy stems from the countless opportunities to help patients reduce their pain and achieve the highest level of function."

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Dr. Chris Hagan


April Oury


Dr. Garrett Petry