Chris Schmalz

Dr. Christopher Schmalz, PT, DPT, Physical Therapist

Chris received his B.S. in Exercise Science from St. Louis University with a minor in Psychology. He later went on to receive his Doctorate of Physical Therapy, also from St. Louis University.

What Chris Has to Say

What aspect of movement do you find the most fascinating? Why?

After working at a neurological rehabilitation institute, I have worked with patients that are starting from scratch in nearly every way. I find that every individual’s resilience makes movement so fascinating. Self-motivation was such a factor in progress for these patients, and while it can be defeating to start out with no movement at all, the fact that by working as a team we would be able to facilitate tasks such as walking after multiple sessions is incredible.

List 3-5 specialty areas. What is one specialty area that makes you stand out?
  • Vestibular/dizziness
  • Orthopedic
  • Sports medicine

Many patients are surprised to hear that physical therapy can be beneficial for dizziness symptoms. It’s an underrated area for therapists to practice.

Which patients are your favorite to work with?

I love working with patients that always challenge themselves. It makes the job a lot more interesting.

What are your values and how did they influence your career?

I was once a patient in physical therapy – it was a very good experience in a tough time for me. They explained everything to me, were invested in my input, and combined communication with expertise to give me the best care possible. I want to give all my patients the same experience and I hope I can someday change someone’s life the way that my physical therapist did mine.

Why do you work for Body Gears?

When I first was applying, I was struck by the Body Gears values on their website. The way they talked about one-on-one care, consistent collaboration with the patient, and relationship building made it special. Those values resonated with my treatment approach, and I thought it was a perfect match.

What catchphrase do most of your patients remember you by?

“Do as I say, not do as I do” – I am known to show bad posture at work and always be injured.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Hockey is my life, I play and watch constantly. If I’m not doing that you’ll catch me playing pickup soccer, brewing my own beers, or watching some good movies.

How do you stay active?

Sports, variable workouts throughout the week, biking, hiking are a few activities I do to stay active.