Dr. Katie Albert

Dr. Katie Albert, PT, DPT, Physical Therapist

Katie earned her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from George Washington University in Washington, DC and was honored to receive the Academic Excellence Award for the highest cumulative GPA. She also has a Bachelor of Science degree in Education, Kinesiology, and Sports Medicine from the University of Virginia. Katie is experienced with manual therapy and often integrates Pilates into her practice.

  • Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Licensed Physical Therapist by the State of Illinois
  • APTA/IPTA Member

Institute of Physical Art:

  • CoreFirst® Strategies
  • Peripheral Neuromuscular Facilitation I
  • Functional Mobilization I (planned 10/19-21/18)
  • Pelvic Girdle Puzzle (planned 8/25-26/18)  

STOTT Pilates – Rehab:

  • RR1 – Spinal, Pelvic & Scapular Stabilization: Reformer  

Principles of Dance Medicine – NYU School of Medicine Online Continuing Education:

  • Introduction to Dance Medicine and Survey of Dance Injuries
  • Functional Tests to Assess Pointe Readiness

The George Washington University

  • Doctorate in Physical Therapy, 2016 

University of Virginia

  • Bachelor of Science in Education, Kinesiology, Sports Medicine, 2012

What Katie Has to Say

What sparked your interest in physical therapy?

Growing up as a ballet dancer, I always found myself watching the intricacies of movement and trying to problem solve why some people struggled with certain movements. I think that this is when I began developing a critical eye for movement, which has only grown as I continue to work as a physical therapist.

What aspect of physical therapy do you find the most fascinating?

How connected all parts of the body are. It really is true when people say that one dysfunction affects the whole system. Our goal as a PT is to figure out what the root cause of that dysfunction is so the system can return to harmony.

Tell me about your PT school experience, where, and why?

I absolutely loved physical therapy school. I earned my Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from The George Washington University in Washington, DC. Prior to PT school, I had met a therapist who went to GW who I very much respected as a well-rounded clinician, and I actually applied on a whim. After going to the interview, I knew that it was the place for me based on the positive interactions I had with every individual there and their dedication to both students and the physical therapy community. It was truly the best decision I could have made. It was also a great experience to be in the nation’s capital for 3 full years. How many people can say that they ran/spent time on the national mall regularly? Pretty awesome.

What certifications are looking to achieve?

I will be sitting for my Orthopedic Certified Specialist exam in March 2019 to further my education and expertise in the orthopedic field. I am also currently taking courses through the Institute of Physical Art to further my knowledge of Functional Manual Therapy™ as well as taking rehab-specific Pilates courses to better integrate Pilates into my PT practice. I have a strong interest in Pilates both personally and professionally as I have seen the positive effects that it can have both physically and mentally.  

Why do you work for Body Gears?

I work for Body gears because of the unwavering commitment we have for our patients, the physical therapy community, and the wider community in general. It is also amazing that I get to say that I am inspired by my co-workers on a daily basis. They help me to grow as a professional as well as individually.

How do you stay active?

I always vary up my workouts to keep my body guessing. This includes Pilates, running, HIIT, yoga, and weight training. I also enjoy dancing, cooking, and trying out new activities in Chicago. PT is a physical job, so we definitely have to stay strong to keep up with our patients!

What Patients Have to Say About Katie

“Having had some physical therapy before, I decided to give Body Gears a try: I was not disappointed. Their approach was different from the physical therapists I had used before. Katie was my point person: not only does she have a wonderful, positive attitude, she was also a great detective in finding the sources in my body which needed healing and retraining. The process took longer than expected but it did the trick. I also have a set of ongoing exercises to practice, which is very helpful.

Highly recommend.


– Robert J. (Body Gears Graduate)

What Patients Have to Say About Katie

“I have unfortunately had to see PT’s for many years due to back issues and other long-term damage from playing a lot of sport in my teens and 20s. I’ve been seeing two PT therapists at Body Gears in Oak Park. Toshi and Katie. They have both been brilliant in helping me find not just a treatment program that suits my injuries, but helping me incorporate it into my busy daily life with as little equipment as possible is great! Carlos and Bree are great taskmasters with my exercises when I’m in the office too. A lovely group of people and I would highly recommend them to anyone!


– Sarah B. (Body Gears Graduate)

What Patients Have to Say About Katie

I have had shoulder surgery and I had gotten Physical Therapy from someone else which helped a lot but I did not have full mobility. I wanted to get additional mobility without more surgery and my brother in law recommended BodyGears. I had an initial consultation in St Louis with Joanne. During the consult, Joanne performed some physical manipulation and I was able to extend my shoulder further than I had in the past. After that, I decided to continue PT with Joanne & Hannah in St Louis. I was making progress but I had to travel to Chicago for an extended time and Joanna was able to work with Sam (the manager) of BodyGears Oak Park to accommodate me to continue with my PT sessions. Kane and Katie were the PT’s that worked on me and I was very satisfied with the progress I made. I do want to say that each PT’s approach was different but they all led to the same goal. In conclusion Body Gear’s PT’s are very cooperative and are hands-on and their approach (that was completely different than my last PT’s approach) was such that they gave me the hope to continue with PT to get back the rest of the mobility. It is still a work in progress and I am keeping the hope and faith that I will get to where I want to.


– Nina S. (Body Gears Graduate)

What Patients Have to Say About Katie

Over the years, several muscular-skeletal related issues have surfaced (e.g. rotator cuff tears in both shoulders, slipped discs in the spine, scoliosis, severe muscle spasms, etc.), which have required my obtaining various medical, rehabilitation, and therapeutic treatments. Yet, the most successful and beneficial treatments that I have received have been at Body Gears Physical Therapy. Following my first visit to Body Gears for rehabilitation/physical therapy in 2011, I made the decision that I would never go anywhere else for my physical therapy needs.

In August 2018, it was determined that I would require Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement surgery on my right shoulder, and a surgery date had been established. My rotator cuff was again torn, and I could not move my shoulder–I virtually had no range of motion in my right shoulder. However, prior to surgery, I was to have six weeks of physical therapy. During the weeks of therapy, I was beginning to make significant progress, and it was recommended that my therapy continues for a few more weeks. By the end of September I could comfortably move my shoulder, I regained my full range of motion, and I have returned to most of my normal, routine activities. Surgery, especially, a surgery as serious as “Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement,” is no longer required or even advisable.

I commend and thank April, the Owner of Body Gears, Katie, my primary Therapist, Karen, Therapist, Bo, Therapist Assistant, and all of the Techs for their commitment to their profession and their patients’ well-being, for their good advice, and for assisting me in returning to physical normalcy. I have also been provided with exercises and tools to help me to maintain my progress. Thanks, Guys!”


– Dcmd D. (Body Gears Graduate)  

What Patients Have to Say About Katie

“I began at Body Gears in April 2018 and just graduated in September after they rehabilitated my fractured kneecap. My therapist Katie Albert was top notch. Her knowledge was astounding and her ability to take that book knowledge and translate it into a customized program and therapy for each of my unique situations was fantastic. She is also kind and sympathetic. I truly looked forward to each and every session and was actually sad when I graduated. My body as a whole, not just my knee feels the best it has in years because they truly take a holistic approach. Mind and body. I would recommend them a million times over.


– Leigh K. (Body Gears Graduate)