Dr. Mason West

Dr. Mason West, PT, DPT, Physical Therapist

Mason earned his Doctor of Physical Therapy at the University of St. Augustine in Florida. He also has a Master’s of Science degree in Kinesiology from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana and a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Neuroscience from Trinity College. Mason is experienced in manual therapy and currently working towards becoming a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

  • Doctor of Physical Therapy
  •  Licensed Physical Therapist by the State of Illinois
  • APTA/IPTA Member 

Institute of Physical Art:

  • Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation I

University of St. Augustine Continuing Education for Physical Therapists

  • E2-Extremity Integration
  • S2-Advanced Evaluation and Manipulation of Pelvic, Lumbar and Thoracic Spine
  • S3- Advanced Evaluation and Manipulation of the Cranio-Facial, Cervical and Upper Thoracic Spine
  • S4-Functional Analysis and Management of the Lumbo-Pelvic-Hip Complex
  • MF1- Myofascial Manipulation

University of St. Augustine for Health Science, Saint Augustine, FL

  • Doctorate in Physical Therapy, 2017

University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana

  • Master of Science in Kinesiology, 2015

Trinity College

  • Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience, 2013

What Mason Has to Say

What sparked your interest in physical therapy?

In college, I wrestled and played lacrosse. When I was a junior in college I tore my ACL playing lacrosse. Even though this experience meant I wouldn’t be ready to wrestle the following year, it allowed me to see what physical therapy was all about.

Up to that point, I had wanted to be an orthopedic surgeon. Although I still find that field interesting, I chose to pursue physical therapy as I wanted to spend more time interacting with patients in an active setting. With physical therapy, I get to be the “expert” on movement and I can combine my love of fitness with science.

What aspect of physical therapy do you find the most fascinating? 

The most fascinating aspect is that I get to be a detective of the human body. Patients come in not knowing what’s wrong and I get to analyze the situation to “solve the case.” No patient is the same as another, which means each time is a brand-new experience.

Tell me about your PT school experience.

I earned my Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of St. Augustine and chose the program for their heavy emphasis on manual therapy and functional movement. Too often I see therapists simply prescribing exercise and not putting their hands on the patient to treat myofascial issues that might only be exacerbated with exercises.

What certifications do you have?

I am currently working on becoming a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). After that, I will work on obtaining a Manual Therapy Certification and a Specialist Certification in Sports. I am also interested in further education pertaining to concussion management, Graston soft tissue techniques, and Functional Dry Needling.

Why do you work for Body Gears? 

I work for Body Gears because we take a whole-body approach to treatment and emphasize one-on-one interaction with patients. Other physical therapy clinics often look at a patient with knee pain and only treat the knee without taking into account that the hip, ankle, and back also need to be addressed. Only seeing one patient at a time and being surrounded by other PTs continuously striving for personal growth helps me to achieve the best possible quality of care.

How do you stay active?

I do a little bit of everything. I lift weights, bike, do CrossFit, Ninja Warrior training, and sports such as basketball, soccer, football, mixed martial arts, and Ultimate Frisbee.

What is your philosophy for maintaining a healthy lifestyle?

I believe being “healthy” is not limited to one category. It is imperative to combine mental, physical, and emotional health. If you are a veracious runner but fuel your body with poor nutrition or only sleep 3 hours a day, you are not reaching your maximum potential.

What Patients Have to Say About Mason

“Body Gears has always taken great care of me. They are professional and warm and experts in their field. I have worked with Mason at the Oak Park location who is terrific. I appreciate the hands-on treatment and post-treatment online support and guidance. Go to Body Gears. They really are skilled at physical therapy.”


– Christine B. (Body Gears Graduate)

What Patients Have to Say About Mason

“It is clear that Mason knows what he is doing and he is able to convey the importance of doing the exercises correctly. Everyone at BG is friendly and quick to offer help and assistance to even the minute questions.”


– Body Gears Graduate

What Patients Have to Say About Mason

“I’m glad I decided to give my local physical therapy office a try. My therapist Mason is amazing. He gave me a plan tailored to what I needed to help with my sciatica. The one on one time with him is just what I needed to help relieve some of my pain. After that, I go to the gym where Sierra usually helps me with my exercises. I have complained to them both 🙂 and they reassure me that I will be fine. Week after week, I did the session and exercises and I began to get better. I was able to have a session with Toshi as well and she’s amazing too. I actually look forward to physical therapy every week and I can’t wait to see what all I can accomplish once its all over. Check them out!”


– Nikita L. (Body Gears Graduate)