Dr. Zane Brandt, PT, DPT, Physical Therapist

Zane earned his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from San Diego State University in California. He also has a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology degree with a minor in Holistic Health from San Francisco State University. Zane is experienced in manual therapy and currently working towards becoming a Certified Functional Manual Therapist.

  • Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Licensed Physical Therapist by the State of California
  • APTA/CPTA Member
  • Professor at University of St. Augustine’s Doctor of Physical Therapy Program: Movement Science II

Institute of Physical Art:

  • CoreFirst® Strategies
  • Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation I
  • Functional Mobilization® I & II
  • Functional Mobilization® Upper Quarter

San Diego State University

  • Doctorate in Physical Therapy, 2017 

San Francisco State University

  • Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, 2012
    • Minor in Holistic Health 

What Zane Has to Say

Why do you work for Body Gears? 

I work at Body Gears because I love our style of patient-centric, hands-on, functional therapy with a dedication to putting in the 1-on-1 time needed to make a significant change in our patients’ long-term pain and function.

What aspect of movement do you find the most fascinating?

Movement happens in the brain first, which is why I utilize motor learning and neuromuscular re-education as a primary tool to promote my patients’ ability to move their bodies differently, getting them out of pain and dysfunction. As a faculty member at the University of St. Augustine, I also try to impart this fascination with movement on to my students in the Movement Science class that I teach.

Which patients are your favorite to work with?

I love to work with a wide range of patients with some of my favorites being older adults, athletes, and people with neurological deficits.

What catchphrase do most of your patients remember you by?

“Your attitude determines your altitude.”

Tell me about your PT school experience.

I earned my Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from San Diego State University with special recognition for clinical excellence. My clinical experiences included working with top-level athletes including MLB’s San Diego Padres, neurological and trauma patients at Palomar Hospital, and patients with chronic pain conditions at the San Diego Pain Summit.

What certifications are you working towards?

I am currently progressing towards a certification in Functional Manual Therapy® through the Institute of Physical Art.

How do you stay active?

I enjoy an active lifestyle outdoors including soccer, surfing, hiking, triathlons, and camping.

Describe your perfect Saturday.

My perfect Saturday would be hanging out on the beach with friends and family or camping in one of California’s amazing National Parks with my fiancée.

What Patients Have to Say About Zane

“Hey this place is awesome after 14 leg/ankle surgeries I should know the best PT. I have Zane. I have a complex set of issues from a revision surgery to right ankle joint. To be brief I have a STAR implant to start. I am very protective around my ankle joint. Mostly thinking no one can rehab it correctly. At BG my body is rehabbed not just the surgery site. The interconnection of all body parts related to my walking again. Once I began working with Zane I felt trust in his skill. He is creative about solutions and will to put his effort into YOUR success. Everyone is awesome but I work with Zane for PT. They are welcoming and a diverse group, accepting and open. I felt for my own reasons comfortable. I told my awesome UCSD surgeon Dr. Amed about the PT I was getting. She understands the complexity of my injury. I gave up walking. I felt hopeless. I referred to my leg as a block of wood. Well, my last two visits broke through major scar tissue. No cane. I drive my Jeep in more comfort and did my household chores with more ease. I still have a way to go but my faith in BG is a huge part of the mental hurdles of getting back to my life. I was near pro in sports so my body means everything for working right. I met the owner and I see why this clinic is truly amazing for physical therapy. It’s my honor to have them work with me. I’ve learned more about my body there, not just get in and go! Push the limits and push again. It’s about positive energy flowing and connecting body parts. Practical now there’s parking. A few nice places to grab a beer or food. Smart location.

I trust Zane with this volatile ankle joint or should be unruly like me. But wait that’s not it anymore! I’m walking just fine!”


– Tyler S. (Body Gears Graduate)

What Patients Have to Say About Zane

“Everyone at Body Gears is friendly, knowledgeable and treat their patients with the utmost respect. I had the pleasure of being Zane’s patient. They are very personable, attentive and ensure you understand your treatment plan. I was truly impressed by the education and care they had given me. I have been so amazed by this place and have probably told them that at every visit. I just can not say enough about this place. For the first time in years, I feel like I don’t have to restrict myself from activities and it’s all due to these great people.

I encourage anyone in need of physical therapy to go to Body Gears because again, these guys are AMAZING!!! It is too bad I am moving out of state because I will miss the great care and the wonderful staff! Thank you- Zane!!!!!


– Veronica M. (Body Gears Graduate)

What Patients Have to Say About Zane

” Zane Brandt … my PT guy I can’t put into words how much I appreciated the help and direction that he took me to feel better physically and mentally ( after a fall) about myself during this process. He gave me a whole new outlook on life. I can’t thank him enough. Plus all your employees at this site were supper. I’m a 69 yr old female and this help could not have come at a better time in my life. Thank you so much.


– Body Gears Graduate