Dr. Garrett Petry, PT, DPT, CFMT

From a young age, Garrett had a fascination with how the human body functioned that stemmed from having a family rooted in holistic healthcare, along with a passion for athletics. Seeing the personal connection that his father made with his patients and the impact he had on their lives, Garrett was inspired to pursue a career in helping people. These passions lead him to an athletic scholarship at California Polytechnic University at Pomona where he studied Sports Medicine and competed on the Men’s Soccer team.

After receiving his Bachelor’s in Science, Garrett moved back to his hometown and began his Doctorate in Physical Therapy at the University of St. Augustine in San Diego. Garrett followed the manual therapy emphasis for which The University of St. Augustine is renowned. With that emphasis, Garrett honed skills in understanding and treating every region of the spine, including the lumbo-pelvic region and upper cervical spine.

During an internship with Body Gears, Garrett studied under Rebecca Johnson, April Oury, and other members of the Body Gears Team. Garrett chose to relocate to Chicago, so he could practice within the culture that is Body Gears and Functional Manual Therapy. Garrett believes, “Body Gears provides the opportunity to have a profoundly positive effect on my patients through the comprehensive approach of Functional Manual Therapy. This treatment approach, along with appropriate one-on-one patient time, helps me develop a deep understanding of my patients’ needs.”

Through Garrett’s athletic accomplishments, he understands what it takes to physically perform at a high level. Whether his patient is an elite athlete or a person just wanting to enjoy life, Garrett uses his experiences to help his patients reach their optimal function.

In his free time, Garrett leads an active lifestyle; he enjoys playing soccer, running half-marathons, lifting weights, hiking, or anything new that helps expand his understanding of movement. When he wants to relax, Garrett enjoys listening to music, watching sports, and collecting vinyl records.