Dr. Toshi Odaira, PT, DPT, Women's Health Therapist

Toshi has relocated from New York City to pursue the Functional Manual Therapy™ Foundation Residency Program and to receive extensive training in manual therapy techniques using the Institute of Physical Art approach. “I could tell right away that Body Gears had a distinct approach, with constant collaborative effort and the drive to implement the best patient care. I knew this was the place for me to be.”

Toshi graduated from Bates College in Maine with a Bachelor of Science in Biology in 2006. Her interest in infectious diseases and research led her to work in a tuberculosis research lab at Weill Cornell Medical College, where she was an author to various scientific papers revealing drug target evaluations. Her love for analysis and postulating hypothesis melded well with her passion as a competitive ballroom dancer, constantly thinking of ways to improve freedom of movement. “Analyzing the movement of my own body with that of my partner’s helped me understand the importance of how body movement is affected not only by the relationship of mechanical structures of the body with our brain, but also by the relationship we have with others around us and our environment. Regardless of dysfunction present, our body always has the potential to respond to positive intentions, to let go of faulty movement patterns, and to restore a pain free life.”

Toshi went on to receive her Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy from City University of New York Graduate Center. While still in school, she received continuing education training through the Institute of Physical Art. She also dedicated her time exploring hip hop and other forms of dance, as well as assisting with a public paddling program to teach kayaking.

In her free time, Toshi enjoys exploring Chicago, ballroom and salsa dancing, running, roller blading, and unicycling.