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Second Opinion

Patients often seek multiple physician opinions when contemplating surgery or faced with a difficult diagnosis.  Why? Because different doctors have different levels of experience/skill and offer different approaches to treatment and interventions. Patients may not be comfortable with the first recommended plan of care or may wish to explore alternative approaches to their problem.

The same is true for physical therapy. Not all physical therapists and treatment approaches are created equally!  If you have had physical therapy in the past but did not receive the care or gain the results you expected, we encourage you to visit one of our clinics. Our hope is that we can be your resource for “Second Opinion Physical Therapy”.

The hands-on approach to assessment and treatment used at Body Gears Physical Therapy, known as Functional Manual Therapy®, is designed to be methodical and comprehensive. Through this approach, our therapists address dysfunction of soft tissues and joints, assess specific muscle activation and control, and interpret the brain-body connection and coordination. We piece the puzzle together. Many patients who have experienced physical therapy from another provider find our brand of therapy different and appreciate the skills with which we can handle the tough cases.

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If you have been through PT before but are still having pain or difficulty with certain movements or activities, do not give up on yourself or the PT profession. You owe it to yourself to seek a second opinion, and we are eager to help you!

At Body Gears, we aren’t afraid of your pain.