Midwives & Doulas

Have you heard of our Labor and Delivery Prep programs? Body Gears offers a Wiggle Room program geared towards assisting mothers to maximize pelvic mobility for the baby to “wiggle” during delivery. We want to help mothers during the birthing process and help YOU make your job easier!
Our Humpty Dumpty program helps put mothers “back together again” after labor and delivery. Let’s work together to help our patients by decreasing “pregnancy pains”, prevent the baby from “getting stuck”, and decrease the need for risky procedures and interventions related to labor and delivery.
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At Body Gears, our therapist take the time to assess all joints and soft tissue involved during the birthing process. We believe that if there is room for the baby to “wiggle” out, labor and delivery will be smoother, more efficient, and less risky. We love working with Midwives and Doulas in order to help mommies and babies start off on the right foot.

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