At Body Gears Physical Therapy, we believe that freedom of movement is the foundation of a healthy and satisfying life. With locations throughout Chicagoland, Body Gears Physical Therapy is dedicated to helping patients achieve pain-free optimum movement. Our therapists work as an integrated team to help patients to heal, to stay healthy, to improve function and efficiency, or to prepare for a major life event such as a marathon or even childbirth. Our Body Gears Winnetka team looks forward to helping you reach and maintain your functional potential!

Patient Testimonials

  • I have my life back!

    I absolutely love this place! Joanne and her staff have given me my life back. After back surgery and diastases, I had lower back pain for months. Joanne and her team don’t just treat the symptoms, they find out why your body is functioning that way and fix your whole system.

    Now not only do I have a stronger core and no back pain, but I have also learned the skills and tools to help keep myself in shape and pain free for the rest of my life. I have been to other PT places with very little results. I had excellent positive results right away with Joanne and her team. Highly recommend everyone go here!!!

    During my visits, once the issue had been determined, Joanne worked on other small symptoms that my body had started doing to try and correct itself. Correcting all the little issues has made such a huge difference. My time with them has been life changing and I feel like a whole new person without pain.

    BG Patient

  • I was able to see an improvement in my incontinence after just 4 sessions!

    I discovered Body Gears in my search for a Women’s Health Physical Therapist for my pre & postnatal clients. When I wasn’t seeing any improvement in my own postpartum recovery with another physical therapist, I started working with Body Gears. At 14 months postpartum, I received confirmation that I had between a Grade 1 and 2 cystocele (bladder prolapse). I felt a setback in my recovery, but with the help of Erica Burhop, I was able to see an improvement in my incontinence after just 4 sessions. This was the first time postpartum I felt success in my recovery! I learn something new with each session about my body. Body Gears empowers their patients to learn about the ‘why’ behind their symptoms, rather than just treating the symptoms. I recommend Body Gears to all of my clients, when I am unable to address their issues within my scope of work as a personal trainer. It has been wonderful collaborating with them as a fitness professional as well.

    BG Patient

  • I showed up for an appointment on the wrong day and they fit me in anyway!

    Hands down the best place I’ve found on Yelp.

    – Professionals at the top of their game
    – 100% focused on you the patient
    – Seriously friendly staff

    I’d never been to a physical therapist before, but when my doctor recommended I see one for my lower back I quickly looked on yelp. I found the reviews for Body Gears helpful and I liked Body Gear’s website, so I booked an appointment.

    Each staff member I encountered was both courteous and professional. I was working with Mike Anderson (who has since moved to another location) and I found him to be both friendly and professional. He really made me feel confident in recovery, he gave me the knowledge to understand what was happening in my lower back (which it turned out was partly a weak core) and the tools to get better.

    I enjoy cycling and try to put in 100 miles a week. I was sold on my first visit when I mentioned to Mike that after hearing of my lower back pain my doctor responded with “maybe don’t ride your bike so much”. Mike looked shocked, when I relayed that info, and said “if you want to ride your bike 100 miles a week then you should be able to, and we’ll get you there”. I’m happy to say he did.

    How’s this for service? I showed up for an appointment on the wrong day and they fit me in anyway. Thanks Body Gears!

    BG Patient

  • I had thought I’d never be able to pursue my passion again!

    I never thought I would solve my problem until I finally hooked up with Body Gears in Lincoln Park.  I am a professional guitar player who developed acute and chronic, neck and shoulder pain where all other manners of in-home and other on-site professional treatments failed to do more than achieve moderate, temporary results.  At Body Gears, I was managed by a team of very knowledgeable and experienced staff who “got me” – they customized and modified my treatment regimen along a path to achieving the best results in the shortest time.  Imagine: I had thought I’d never be able to pursue my passion again!  It has been 9 months since I completed my regimen with Body Gears and can honestly say I believe the results are dramatic and permanent – I had returned to practicing and playing hard for several hours every single day.  In the process, I really enjoyed the relationships with all the location staff who worked with me specifically – thanks April, Elizabeth, Kathy, Grace and Ami!

    BG Patient

  • I am sorry that I waited so long to seek help!

    I highly recommended Body Gears to anyone experiencing pain, whether it’s an acute or a long-time injury. As a professional dancer, I have suffered hip pain for years from an old injury, and after being treated at Body Gears, I am sorry that I waited so long to seek help. Every physical therapist that I have interacted with takes the time to listen and understand my symptoms and works to help me set appropriate goals for my treatment. Garrett has helped me immensely to look at all of my body mechanics, even down to how I walk and sit, to understand how I’ve been compensating for my pain and in turn, over-using the incorrect muscles. He gives me pertinent (and creative) exercises to strengthen the areas that I have over-looked that help to relieve my immediate symptoms and to reiterate more functional movement patterns in my activities. The highly-trained exercise technicians that work with me, either before or after my sessions, work to make sure that I comprehend the mechanics of each exercise and that I know how to do them effectively at home on my own. The front desk staff is always friendly and makes it easy to schedule appointments and handle billing matters. Body Gears truly cares about your progress and making sure that you get back to doing all the activities that are important to you!

    BG Patient

  • I am back to all of my pre-surgery activities stronger than ever!

    As an avid runner-turned-cyclist and committed yoga teacher, I had little tolerance for the pain I was experiencing in my left hip. The entire team at Body Gears was so supportive throughout my recovery. The manual therapy, accompanied by a challenging array of exercises was exactly what my body needed to get back in the saddle and on the yoga mat. Thanks to this amazing team of professionals, I am back to all of my pre-surgery activities stronger than ever. THANK YOU!!!

    BG Patient

  • I am back into performance shape!

    As a professional ballet dancer, I struggled for years to regain strength after a major knee surgery left me weakened and battling muscle imbalances, which led to multiple subsequent ankle injuries and chronic pain down the line. I met Kathleen at a dance class in Chicago while recovering from yet another chronic ankle injury that had taken me away from dance for months. She began to treat my ankle and immediately diagnosed other weak spots in my hips, core, neck, and back that were contributing to my problems. Through a combination of soft tissue work, joint mobilization, and exercises that were specific to the skills needed for a ballet dancer, she has helped get me back into performance shape.

    The approach of the therapists at Body Gears is much more holistic and comprehensive than at any other physical therapy clinic I’ve ever been to. Every one of the therapists I’ve worked with here has an incredible depth of knowledge and an extremely high skill level. I’m so thrilled to have Kathleen’s expertise and guidance as I move forward in my professional dance career. Thank you, Body Gears!

    BG Patient

  • I am on a path to recovery!

    Body Gears Physical Therapy offers a unique experience incomparable to any other health care provider I have come across. I am continually impressed with the dedication, passion, and knowledge the Body Gears staff gives in genuinely caring for patients. In every aspect of the job, the Body Gears staff goes above and beyond to treat their clientele. I am grateful for Body Gears and recommend their services to anyone searching for physical therapy.

    I was involved in a bike accident in September of 2016 that has severely impacted the use of my upper body, specifically my right shoulder and neck. I suffer radiating pain from the neck down to hand that I was not able to get rid of. Over the past year, I have worked extremely hard in different therapy techniques to decrease pain and regain strength.

    While I found some techniques to alleviate pain, I could not figure out how to regain consistent mobility in the shoulder/neck area. Any basic arm movements I attempted, whether it was schoolwork, chores, or work related, caused significant pain on the right side of my body impacting every aspect of my life.

    I extensively searched treatment options while home from college in the summer when I came across Body Gears Physical Therapy. I was hesitant to start a third round of physical therapy due to not making the progress I had set out for in previous experiences. However, I can say it was one of the best decisions I have made in the past year.

    As a dedicated triathlete and college student, I chose to schedule a FREE injury consultation with Body Gears because I felt the marketing and reviews spoke to my symptoms.

    I met with Joanne who from the start possessed an abundance of positive energy, dedication, and calm confidence in working through my shoulder/neck problems. She explained my symptoms in a way I could understand making me feel comfortable. Because of my therapists, Joanne’s and Esther’s attention, I trained mentally and physically to give physical therapy another chance with the hope of getting better.

    I am now over a month into physical therapy sessions meeting with Joanne and Esther 2-3 times per week in attacking my shoulder/neck related issues. I have seen much improvement in the right side of my body and in substantially less pain. It is the first time in 10 months I feel that I am on a path to recovery.

    I am grateful for the care I have received and will do everything in my power to give back to Body Gears. Therefore, I recommend Body Gears Physical Therapy to anyone searching for physical therapy options.

    BG Patient

  • I think I can drop the medications!

    Five core surgeries over two decades left me facing high doses of medication and a potential sixth surgery to make my systems function in a healthy manner. I was avoiding exercise classes, travel, and eventually dreaded going to work “just in case.” My doctor referred me to the specialists at BG and, after two months, I think I can drop the medications and participate in the next 50 years of my life in a much more confident and vigorous manner. Now I don’t think taking a long walk is risky and I feel like I command my own body again. I learned so much about how and why everything works together and how to enhance that unconscious coordination. I also know where to go first for touch ups – and am very happy to avoid another surgery.

    BG Patient

  • I am so glad I gave Body Gears a try!

    I’ve been in and out of physical therapy for years for my back issues. After being burned out on physical therapy and taking a break my doctor recommended I give Body Gears a try. I’m glad I did.

    Physical Therapy is never a fun process and I thought it would just be the same exercises as everyone else. I was wrong! The initial intake exam was impressively detailed and inclusive. They looked at everything from head to toe – literally. And I’m glad they did. They were the first place to find the sources of my issues – in some unusual places.

    I’m a classical musician and before Body Gears I couldn’t play 20 minutes. I thought I’d have to give up my career. I am now able to play for several hours a day. Highly recommended.

    BG Patient

  • I think that every cancer patient should come here for physical therapy.

    I am not sure where to begin….there is so much to say about these people. They are wonderful beyond compare. I spent 3 years dealing with cancer. Many surgeries and medicine that made me feel like someone I did not know. I have been going to Body Gears for over 3 weeks now, I have lost 8 lbs., and feel nearly pain-free. I could hardly recognize this feeling because I have lived with pain for so long now. It was a crazy revelation! I have no pain and I was blown away. I have never been to a physical therapist as good as these people. I can’t express enough how amazing they all are. I am a walking hot mess, and they manage to find just the right “thing” to get me back in working order. If I had one wish, it would be that they never move, and they will be with me until I am 80! I think that every cancer patient should come here for physical therapy. They are gentle, and direct, and isolate the area perfectly. Thank you! Thank You! THANK YOU!”

    BG Patient

  • I never imagined being pain-free!

    All my life I dealt with daily headaches, after talking with a Neurologist I was recommended to go to a Physical Therapist. Body Gears was amazing. They have CFMT certification. After 6 weeks I had no daily headaches, my neck tightness and pain was completely gone. I ran a 5k in November and I was in no pain at all (usually my shoulders hurt after the first mile).

    They not only solved my pain issues they taught me exercises to stay pain-free. They worked with me on my posture and sitting position to retrain my body.

    Throughout the process, they were very professional with a great bedside manner. I enjoyed my visits and enjoyed the company of the staff.

    I would absolutely recommend Body Gears for anyone looking for PT and especially for migraine sufferers, I never imagined being pain-free!

    BG Patient

  • Body Gears set me up for success!

    As a physician who is also very active in sports personally, I both send many patients to physical therapy, and go to physical therapy myself, frequently. Aaron is definitely the best physical therapist I have ever met. I injured my back last summer, and I was referred to a physical therapy center that gave me some generic exercises on a xeroxed sheet. At Body Gears, Aaron instantly recognized the movement pattern that had led to my injury, and then gave me exercises to change that movement pattern so I would not only get better but not injure myself again! Instead of a xeroxed sheet, I received videos of my prescribed exercises, which were a huge improvement. Along the way, an old injury cropped up. In less than a minute Aaron diagnosed what was causing the problem and taught me what I could do to prevent its recurrence. That was 4 months ago, I’m back exercising as much as ever, and I’m feeling great. I’m sure I’ll need PT again at some point, and when I do I’ll definitely be going back to see Aaron. I’ll also be referring as many patients whose insurance allows them to go to Body Gears.

    BG Patient

  • ‪#‎TestimonyTuesday‬

    “I have had physical therapy several times before in different places but have never had such thorough, careful, attention and therapy as I had at Body Gears. My therapist Brad studied my back muscles and worked on the ones that needed help. The therapy assistants were careful to help me do my exercises correctly and safely. Everyone gave clear instructions. Everyone was nice and friendly. I am feeling better and know now how to continue working with my back to prevent the pain and strengthen my back muscles. I would definitely go again if I need further therapy.” -Body Gears Patient

    #TestimonyTuesday 4/19

  • “The service that I received at Body Gears while treating my back pain was excellent. Thank you, Body Gears for all the hard work that you do.”-BG patient ‪#‎body gears‬ ‪#‎testimonytuesday‬ ‪#‎naturalenergy‬

    #TestimonyTuesday 3/29

  • “Thank you for the comfortable atmosphere and EXCELLENT treatment. The staff at Body Gears is professional and knowledgeable. Keep up the good work, guys!”-BG patient ‪#‎body gears‬ ‪#‎testimonytuesday‬‪#‎naturalenergy‬

    #TestimonyTuesday 3/22

  • “I visited Body Gears because I was experiencing extreme lower back pain. They were professional, organized and friendly. I am now pain free! I highly recommend Body Gears.” -BG patient ‪#‎body gears‬ ‪#‎testimonytuesday‬‪#‎naturalenergy‬

    #TestimonyTuesday 3/15

  • “Body Gears exemplifies how physical therapy should be practiced. They are kind and incredibly knowledgeable. They combined massage, external manipulation and exercises to ease pelvic floor pain after childbirth.”-BG patient ‪#‎body gears‬ ‪#‎testimonytuesday‬ ‪#‎naturalenergy‬

    #TestimonyTuesday 3/1

  • “Body Gears does a fantastic job at identifying problems and finding solutions to make everything better. I highly recommend their services, especially if you’re older and have had persistent pain with no relief.”-BG Patient ‪#‎body gears‬ ‪#‎testimonytuesday‬ ‪#‎naturalenergy‬

    #TestimonyTuesday 2/23

  • “My experience at Body Gears was fantastic! As a dancer, I have specific needs in addressing injuries, and their physical therapists were great! The hands-on nature of their treatments were very effective, as were the exercises they gave me. I highly recommend them!”-BG Patient ‪#‎body gears‬‪#‎testimonytuesday‬ ‪#‎dancers‬

    #TestimonyTuesday 2/16

  • “These guys are awesome. The physical therapists are nothing but knowledgeable and personable. The rest of the office staff was friendly, easy to talk to and always there to help. I came in on crutches barely able to sit up on my own from a back injury and I walked out of there 3 months later being able to go to the gym. I liked the philosophy they had of not treating patients but tuning athletes. I would recommend this place to anyone young or old, an athlete looking to improve your performance or anyone with a sore anything!”-BG Patient ‪#‎bodyg ears‬ ‪#‎testimonytuesday‬‪#‎physicaltherapy‬ ‪#‎backpain‬ ‪#‎athlete‬ ‪#‎performance‬

    #TestimonyTuesday 2/9

  • “Best PT treatment I have ever received! The physical therapists are incredibly knowledgeable and masterful at what they do. They get right to the source of whatever is causing discomfort and treat the whole body, rather than an isolated area. I will continue to see them every time I am in Chicago and highly recommend their services to highly trained athletes and to those recovering from injury – and to everyone else in between.”-BG Patient ‪#‎body gears‬ ‪#‎testimonytuesday‬ ‪#‎physicaltherapy‬ ‪#‎painfree‬‪#‎recovery‬

    #TestimonyTuesday 2/2

  • “Body Gears is the most effective, knowledgeable and professional physical therapy practice. They deliver solid one-on-one attention without the distraction of juggling multiple patients. I was impressed with the physical therapists and their breadth of knowledge. In addition, you can tell they all truly care and have a bedside manner that helps you get through tough times. They work not only on the source of the pain/problem, but they also address all related areas for whole body healing. The therapists are very motivating; they have great energy and focus. They will change your life.”-BG Patient ‪#‎body gears‬ ‪#‎testimonytuesday‬ ‪#‎healing‬ ‪#‎painfree‬ ‪#‎service‬

    #TestimonyTuesday 1/26

  • “It’s incredible how much better I feel.” After a serious bicycle accident Jude Nosek’s injuries left him in constant pain, with restricted motion in his neck. After seven years spent exploring all manner of therapies, Nosek found Body Gears. “This technique way beyond any other technique that I’ve been through that has produced results that have been way beyond what I expected.”  ‪#‎body gears‬‪#‎neck‬ ‪#‎testimonial‬ ‪#‎recovery‬ ‪#‎biking‬

    #TestimonyTuesday 1/12

  • “I’ve had to go to therapy for several reasons, but this was my best experience because of the customer service I received and the team’s determination to relieve my back pain. The physical therapists consulted with each other to make sure they covered all the bases. I would recommend Body Gears solely on their dedication to eradicating my pain! I almost love them more than my first born.”-Body Gears Patient‪#‎testimonytuesday‬ ‪#‎body gears‬ ‪#‎customerservice‬ ‪#‎backpain‬ ‪#‎painfree‬‪#‎dedication‬

    #TesimonyTuesday 1/5