Personal Trainers

To the Personal Trainers and CrossFit Instructors who already refer to us, THANK YOU!  We know how hard you work every day to get Chicagoans in shape, achieve their weight loss goals, and alter their physiques like no one else! As a part of the health and fitness team, we appreciate your efforts and willingness to work with us.

For the Personal Trainers and CrossFitters about to discover the benefits of working with us: How many times have you had clients cancel their training sessions because they are in pain and can’t seem to shake it?

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Or maybe you have clients who are unable to improve upon personal bests despite great coaching and motivation? What about the clients who always complain about their shoulders being sore from overhead lifts?   We help clients keep up with their workouts by keeping them mechanically healthy. Our job is to get your clients back on your schedule by fixing the reason they experience pain during your planned workouts.  Many times, personal trainers can help clients alleviate low back pain and knee pain by doing specific exercises for strengthening or stretching.  But what happens to those clients if stretching exercises or repetitions don’t work?  Typically, you lose business because the client looks elsewhere for relief.  Be a part of the solution by referring your clients for Functional Manual Therapy® and get them back on your schedule as soon as possible. Because of the functional nature of our treatments, many of our personal training clients DO NOT NEEDto take time off training as long as the personal trainer is willing to collaborate with our therapists.  We work WITH you in looking out for the best interest of the client.

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When clients complain of a nagging injury week after week, there are typically mechanical dysfunctions in the joints that stretching and strengthening alone cannot alter.  In fact, we see many clients injured by overuse and being told they just aren’t being aggressive enough!  We make sure that the joint capsules, the neuromuscular initiation, and the automatic motor control are fixed so that you can once again “kick their butt!”

How do we accomplish this?  At Body Gears Physical Therapy, we do a thorough evaluation of your client’s posture and movements not only in sitting and standing, but also into any difficult position or movement. In this way, we identify if the issue is a mechanical dysfunction (soft tissue lengthening or folding issue), neuromuscular dysfunctions (initiation, strength, or fiber endurance issue), or a motor control problem (they cannot perform the action automatically). We then employ Functional Manual Therapy® techniques including fiber specific neuromuscular re-education in order to retrain the client’s brain with the new and efficient motor pattern. We work with you simultaneously to help your cliental achieve efficiency in movement throughout their fitness regimen in order to decrease risk of injury and increase their health and fitness benefits.

As manual therapists, we are trained to directly correlate an evaluation of the patient’s base of support, alignment, Lumbar Protective Mechanism, weight shift, and weight acceptance to assess the patient’s functional ability. These are the five principles to enhance functional posture and efficiency. By assessing these 5 principles for tasks such as posture in sitting, standing, and during transfers and functional activities required for day-to-day living, we can identify if the client is functionally limited by a mechanical, neuromuscular, or motor control dysfunction.

Let us make your clients’ bodies as efficient as possible.