Curative Therapy

When a body part is in pain, the brain elects to protect it by inhibiting (or shutting down) motion to that painful segment. Your attempts at proper motion are then purposely confused to immobilize affected muscles and joints. This sets up a “Pain Cascade” cycle:

PainCascade Curative Therapy

At Body Gears, our Unique Culture of Inquiry enables us to uncover the reasons for unsuccessful past treatments — whether they be pharmacological, surgical or therapeutic. We delve deeply into your medical history, and more importantly your movement history, for insight and understanding because each body responds in its own way. Movement is dictated by structure. Structure is dictated by patterns. Patterns are dictated by injuries, beliefs and habits. Our staff of Functional Manual Therapists are trained to disrupt the Pain Cascade at any stage and restore the affected area, regardless of the results of x-rays or MRIs.

After your first visit, you will walk out of the initial examination armed with new knowledge of your diagnosis, its implications and a thoughtful plan to disrupt the Pain Cascade, restoring your tissues to optimal movement.

Whether you’re looking for an alternative to (or recovery from) surgery, to minimize pain, or to enhance athletic performance, our therapists make it their mission to achieve your goals. Highly specialized sessions include intensive, extended time with your therapist, followed by exercise to put into practice what you’ve learned.

You’ll work with your therapist as an active participant in your treatment. First, you will assist in the detective work needed to uncover the root problem – going through a thorough medical history, tracing the evolution of your injury or specific situation, and recalling movements or situations that cause pain or prevent optimal performance. Then, your therapist will conduct a thorough examination to come up with a diagnosis and plan of care. The feedback you give your therapist at every session will help fine-tune your treatment. Your therapist will educate you about your body mechanics in ways that will help necessary exercises and postural correction make sense, allowing you to put your therapy into daily practice. The care and dedication of your therapist will inspire you to stick with your therapy plan in between sessions.