First Time Visit and Appointment

Please complete the Self-Pay Patient Forms before your first scheduled visit. These can be filled in online or downloaded for printing; both links are located at the bottom of the page. Please also bring a valid driver’s license or state ID so that we can make copies for your records.

Your first appointment at Body Gears Physical Therapy will be approximately 60 minutes.  Your therapist will let you know how long your follow-up appointments will be after this initial consultation and evaluation.  For all appointments, please wear loose-fitting and comfortable clothing for treatment and refrain from wearing a turtleneck-style top.  Your therapist will discuss how much work and healing your body needs and will determine the best plan for follow-up time and frequency.  In some cases, a shorter or longer session may be necessary.  Allow this time in your schedule to assist us in your complete care.


All payments are due at the time of service. If needed, we are happy to work with you to make payment arrangements for a time and amount that fits your budget.

Lower Patient Out-of-Pocket.

More PT Time.

Excellent Results.