Our Approach

You have questions.

We have answers you’ve never been given before.

When you ask: ”Why do I still have pain?” “Why can’t anyone fix this?”

We have answers based on our Unique Culture of Inquiry.

We draw you in as an active piece of the recovery puzzle, answering your unsolved questions, using your condition as a springboard for creating new techniques, all the while, explaining your anatomy/diagnosis in language that make sense to you. We collaborate with all of your health providers — from physicians to personal trainers to yoga instructors — to craft the best plan for moving forward.

Our team of physical therapists works as an integrated unit. We routinely collaborate about your condition to determine how to speed progress, and are constantly “hands on” — engaging several therapists to perform two or more techniques simultaneously for greater effect. We discuss our clients’ conditions well beyond clinic hours, and thoroughly research appropriate interventions. We’re physical therapy geeks. It’s not just that we take five times more continuing education classes than required, it’s that as a company, we have determined that “Best Practice” means treating fewer patients each hour so that our therapists can effectively employ the very best, and newest, technical skills. Knowledge application means successful treatment. For more information, Contact Us at Lincoln Park, Oak Brook, Oak Park, and Winnetka, IL Centers.