What To Expect

Registration Paperwork

Registration paperwork is required prior to examination and treatment. Paperwork should be completed online or printed and filled out ahead of your first visit. If you prefer to complete the paperwork at the clinic, please arrive 15-20 minutes early so you can complete it before your appointment time. We begin our appointments promptly and not coming prepared may alter the amount of time your physical therapist can spend with you.

Subjective Examination

Your therapist will ask you questions about the history and evolution of your situation/injury and your goals for therapy. Before arriving, consider what movements, activities, or responsibilities aggravate your symptoms or that your symptoms are preventing you from doing as well as you normally do. Giving a thorough Medical History is very important. Even if you think something is unrelated to the condition for which you are being treated, your therapist is an expert at connecting the missing links in your care and needs to know about your history. Confidentiality is always our policy.


Your physical therapist will do a THOROUGH examination of your posture, spine and any extremities (shoulder, elbow, hand, hip, knee, ankle) that may be involved in your problem. The physical therapist will need to have visual access to the body part in question. Please wear or bring shorts and a tank-top or loose clothing that will not impede your movement in any way.


Physical therapists often collaborate with each other on treatment in the clinic. If you would prefer to be treated in a private room, please let us know.

Plan of Care

Expect to make changes even on your first session. As manual therapy experts, we push ourselves to be able to make immediate changes so that you walk out feeling different than when you walked in. You will be armed with knowledge of your condition from anatomical points, specific movements for body re-education, your prognosis, and the Plan of Care for a solid treatment regimen addressing not just your symptoms, but your problems. Your physical therapist will periodically review the Plan of Care with you to address your progress and any areas that you feel still need attention. Your goals are our goals.


Our goal is to change things in your body for the better at the price of some temporary soreness, which typically lasts a few hours up to a couple days. Drinking extra water and continuing your regular activities will help reduce this. When you experience soreness or discomfort as your body changes, please call the clinic to discuss this with your physical therapist. They can tell you if the soreness is expected from the past session or if it may signal the need for a different route of treatment. Request Free Consult or Contact Us Today at Chicago, Oak Brook, & Winnetka, IL Centers.