Body Gears Method

iStock 000020722181 Double 733x1024 Body Gears MethodBody Gears physical therapists are highly trained professionals, experts at uncovering the root cause of your symptoms, meeting your physical challenge with a solution that allows your body to function at its full potential. Our therapists are ‘PT Geeks’, taking five times more continuing education classes than required and thoroughly reviewing the research on countless interventions. We collaborate as an integrated unit, discussing clients’ conditions long after clinic hours and working together to perform multiple techniques simultaneously for greater effect.

Body Gears physical therapists address each patient individually, working one-on-one and in collaboration with fellow therapists to identify the source of pain, physical limitations, and structural issues. We see each challenge as an opportunity to provide patients with answers they can’t find elsewhere, giving them specific skills to address injuries and limitations, and returning them to a highly functional state, often better than before their issues began.

Patients are not simply cured, they are equipped with the tools to maintain optimal function and experience a pain-free lifestyle, as well as the knowledge necessary to prevent recurrences in the future.

Body Gears physical therapists base treatment plans around the use of Functional Manual Therapy® (aka FMT). FMT is an integrated system that seamlessly blends evaluation and treatment, combining mobility treatment with neuromuscular facilitation (i.e. using the correct muscles at the right time with the necessary strength and endurance).

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