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What Our Patients Say:

Body Gears set me up for success!

I never imagined being pain-free!

I think that every cancer patient should come here for physical therapy.

I am so glad I gave Body Gears a try!

I think I can drop the medications!

I am on a path to recovery!

You guys are the best medical advice I’ve ever had! No doctors told me about all of this!

I am back to all of my pre-surgery activities stronger than ever!

I am back into performance shape!

Body Gears truly cares about your progress and making sure that you get back to doing all the activities that are important to you!

I had thought I’d never be able to pursue my passion again!

I showed up for an appointment on the wrong day and they fit me in anyway!

I was able to see an improvement in my incontinence after just 4 sessions!

I have my life back!

I feel so good I feel goofy!

Want to get pain-free?

We make every attempt to schedule all new patients within one to two business days.



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