The 18.2 Is Here and It Has ANOTHER New Open Movement! Dumbbell squats.

*18.2 (12min Time Cap)*


Dumbbell Squats

Bar-facing Burpees

*18.2a (in remaining time)*

1RM Clean

While this is shorter than 18.1, it’s going to be intense on the legs! The suggested warm-up will be enough to activate quadriceps, glutes, and hamstrings without fatiguing them for the workout. It’s crucial to spend time with midline activation for core stability and since the dumbbell squats will require front rack activation, it’s also advisable to warm up serratus anterior. After the suggested warm-up, be sure to warm up your clean using your favorite progression.

  • Abdominal Series 30 seconds each
    • Lie on your back and bring one leg up at a time to tabletop position.
    • “Push, Cross, Pull, Push” is the order for hand placement on the thighs and direction of force application for this isometric exercise. 
    • To activate your core, lift your tailbone without rounding your back into the floor and slowly resist your hands pushing your thighs up and away.
    • Hold each position for 30 seconds, keep breathing, and feel the abdominal muscles pulling together. 
  • Plank 2x1min
    • Begin with feet and elbows on the ground
    • Raise or lower the hips to the position of maximum difficulty keeping the tailbone curled under
    • Push through the elbows to engage your serratus anterior muscles.
  • Banded Deadbugs 2×45 seconds each
    • Lie on your back and bring one leg up at a time to tabletop position
    • Raise both arms up to the ceiling with palms facing each other
    • Band options: anchored above the head to the floor or squat rack for resistance at the arms OR large circular band around the feet and hands for resistance at the arms and legs
    • Slowly extend one leg and lower the opposite arm overhead to the floor. Return to start and repeat with the opposite side.
    • Keep the core muscles on during transition to prevent the spine from rotating
  • Serratus Wall Slides 2×45 seconds each
    • Stand with the feet about 2 feet from a wall
    • Set the scapulae and place the forearms on a foam roll against the wall
    • Keep the upper arms parallel to the floor and adjust the foot position if needed to eliminate any upper thoracic spine flexion
    • Use the serratus anterior muscles to slide the elbows toward the wall within the range of motion available
    • Keep the pectoralis muscles soft
  • Push-ups (modified or full) 2×10
    • Full: feet and hands on the floor with your tailbone tucked under to prevent your back from arching as you bring your chest to the floor
    • Modified: place a bar on a squat rack at hip height to perform an incline push-up with hands on the bar keeping the tailbone curled under to prevent your back from arching
  • Banded Good Mornings 2×15
    • Stand on a band with your feet a little more than hip-width apart
    • Stand on the band with your knees unlocked and hips hinged forward
    • Loop the band around your neck, keeping your hands on the band to pull up slightly to reduce tension on your neck
    • Drive through the whole foot as you extend the hips while keeping the back neutral  
  • Banded Air Squats 2×15
    • Place a circular band around your legs just above the knees
    • Make sure your knees don’t cave inward to the pressure of the band while performing squats
    • Keep your glutes engaged and the top of your thigh rolling outward
  • Light Dumbbell Power Cleans 2×10 each side
    • Stand with the feet a little wider than hip-width apart and look at the ground ahead of you
    • Hip hinge and bend the knees to pick up the dumbbell to ensure your back stays neutral
    • Begin straightening the knees before the hips
  • THEN warm up to heavy clean

We also have a great resource to help prepare yourself for each day of the open. Check out our blog on “Preparing Yourself for the CrossFit Open” and don’t forget we will be at Clark St Crossfit for 18.2 from 6-8 pm.


As always, none of these exercises replace the expertise of a Licensed Physical Therapist. Most states allow direct access to physical therapy, so if you are experiencing an injury, it is best to seek evaluation so that you can properly prepare based off of your specific needs.

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