Another Successfully Wiggle Room Body Gears Baby Delivery

babyorangeblog Another Successfully Wiggle Room Body Gears Baby Delivery

Special Program: Wiggle Room. Labor and Delivery Prep
We are committed to helping women achieve a natural labor by eliminating the physical factors that can prevent normal descent even if she ends up needing the stirrups.  At Body Gears Physical Therapy, we have great working relationships with a number of midwife groups in the Chicagoland area and are familiar with a variety of methods to encourage natural childbirth like HypnoBirthing and the Bradley Method, and we also have a lot to offer expectant mothers.

Patient Testimonial:

“Hi Sarah & Aaron,

I wanted to let you both know that I gave birth this past Saturday morning to a boy, Rainer John, weighing in at 8 lbs, 4 oz. The birth went incredibly well and I know that is due in no small part to the therapy I received at Body Gears. Labor was 4 hours from water breaking to delivery and I pushed him out in literally 30 seconds while kneeling/squatting (no tearing). The Wiggle Room program is really amazing – that’s the only way to explain how easily and quickly he managed to navigate his way out. I’m feeling strong and resilient just a few days after birth. So, thank you thank you thank you for all you’ve done to make my pregnancy more tolerable and my birth easier. And please pass my thanks on to the exercise techs and front desk staff that were so wonderful the past few months! I’ll certainly be encouraging my doula clients to visit you folks in the future. 

Sarah, best wishes to you on your own upcoming delivery! It will be fantastic, I’m sure. 

With much gratitude,

1SL Another Successfully Wiggle Room Body Gears Baby Delivery