Anthony’s Shoulder Story: An Intensive Treatment with Lasting Results

Anthony’s Shoulder Story:

Anthony leads a busy, active life with little time to be sidelined by an injury. A frequent marathon and triathlon participant whose exercise regimen is similar to CrossFit, he is accustomed to the aches and pains that come from hard workouts. So when a partial tear in his chest and shoulder muscles left him almost unable to lift his arm, he was hopeful the problem could be fixed through physical therapy rather than surgery or another type of medical treatment.

After hearing about the difference between conventional physical therapy and the Body Gears Brand of Functional Manual Therapy™, Anthony decided to give us a try.

“They seemed pretty passionate about what they were doing and I thought I would give them a shot before going to someone who would cut me open.”

Comprehensive treatment began with an investigative series of tests. Though an MRI revealed a partial tear, Anthony still had a good chance of healing with intensive therapy techniques based on previous experiences with our patients.

“I was there five days a week for the first four weeks and two days a week for the next four weeks. They worked me very hard and it was incredibly painful but they did what they said they were going to do and had me back on my feet as quickly as possible.”

A lot of deep tissue work and Functional Dry Needling was utilized to get to the tissues that weren’t responding to the mobilization techniques. Exercises (such as band work) were first intended to get his full range of motion back, and then plenty of work on his core was done to correct the form and posture he utilized while exercising.

“Body Gears looks at your whole body, not only figuring out and fixing the source of the injury but giving you a full body work over so that you can correct what you’ve been doing incorrectly historically and the injury won’t happen again.”

Anthony was given tips on his overall body mechanics, looking at not only his right shoulder and chest but the scars on his left arm and places where he was overcompensating because of restrictions around the nerves.

“I’ve gone to providers in the past who were really good and fixed the immediate problem but they never solved the long-term issue. Body Gears does.”

Thanks to successful treatment, he is back to focusing on his active life and the half a dozen friends and colleagues he has sent over to Body Gears are equally as impressed.

“Six weeks after going to Body Gears, the injury I went there for was yesterday’s news and is still to this day absolutely fine; no remission, no recurrence.” 

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