Body Gears Participates in Global PT Day of Service

After kicking off a week of service by volunteering at our local marathon and providing post-race care and stretching for runners from Imerman Angels, Body Gears extended their commitment by participating in Global PT Day of Service (PTDOS) on Saturday, October 17, 2015.

PTDOS is a day created to unite and inspire physical therapists in an act of service. This year, Body Gears hosted a seminar for dancers at Loyola University and focused on educating the dancers on how to prevent and identify injury.

The Body Gears team was comprised of volunteers who were not only PT subject matter experts, but also dancers and dance enthusiasts including:

  • Kathleen Darley, PT, DPT – Professional Dancer and  Hubbard Street Dance instructor
  • Toshi Odaira, PT, DPT – Professional Ballroom Dancer in Salsa dancing
  • Erica Burhop, PT, DPT – Lover of dance and movement
  • Laura Hunter, Client Services Coordinator – Former professional dancer
  • Kauhane Akiona-Ray, Marketing Coordinator – PTDOS Ambassador

Whether you want to jump higher or execute the perfect pirouette, Body Gears can help.

In the words of dance instructor Sarah Fuller, “Allowing students to learn from Doctors of Physical Therapy is a great way for their bodies to stay healthy. Many of these students won’t have access to medical professionals. If a dancer wants to truly pursue their dream of professionally dancing then they have to gain the knowledge on how to protect and strengthen their instrument.”

If dancing is your passion, the Body Gears team of experts will listen to your performance goals and evaluate your body’s functionality to help you stay on your toes. Call today to set up an appointment: 877-709-1090.