Celebrate Movement With Body Gears During Physical Therapy Month

October is National Physical Therapy Month, providing a spotlight on our profession and the life-changing benefits for our patients.

What do the bodies of elite athletes, aging seniors and growing children have in common? The need for (and benefits from) physical therapy!

During the APTA’s National Physical Therapy Month, the team at Body Gears wants you to consider these questions, for you or a loved one:

  • Are you experiencing or compensating for pain during rest or normal physical activities?
  • Is your body going through major changes, such as puberty, pregnancy or menopause?
  • Could the quality of your life, including sleep, neurological disorders or recurring headaches, be improved?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” then please consider physical therapy as a solution. Here’s why:

Pain is not “normal.”

According to the 2019 National Health Interview Survey, more than 20% of American adults suffer from daily chronic pain. The most common pain locations are in the back, hips, knees and feet, which causes people to miss work, social activities and family functions. The most common treatment for chronic pain is physical therapy.

Nate was a Body Gears patient who turned to physical therapy after an MRI revealed missing cartilage in his knee.

“I couldn’t walk downstairs nor run prior to going in to meet [the Body Gears] team. Each employee is personable, helpful, accommodating, kind and eager to get one back to their physical shape/goal,” Nate said. “They give access to prescribed exercise videos so you can do them at home. They walk with you through the entire process very diligently to get you back to your healthy self.”

You’re not alone.

Changes to your physique, hormones and mental health can have measurable impacts on your physical health. Working with a trained Body Gears physical therapist can help maintain strength, flexibility, and comfort through these changes. We even collaborate with your other health providers — from physicians to personal trainers and yoga instructors — to craft the best plan for moving forward.

Becca was a Body Gears patient who finally experienced a breakthrough in her years-long battle with pelvic floor pain.

“I had been told time and time again by other medical professionals that there was little I could do, or I should ‘just live with it,’” Becca recalled. “I am so grateful that [Body Gears] didn’t accept this and wanted more for me. My condition is improving, for the first time in years.”

Physical therapy is more than you think.

Our profession offers a wide range of non-drug, non-surgical solutions to address the challenges of life. At Body Gears, we’ve defined 32 areas of treatment, but the possibilities are infinite. Our top priority is helping you live a better life, inspiring hope through special connections with our patients and in our communities all year-round.

This past weekend, we were honored to help hundreds of Chicago Marathon runners participating on behalf of Team Imerman Angels with post-race cool downs and recovery. Imerman Angels is a wonderful non-profit organization that specializes in providing 1-on-1 support for cancer fighters, cancer survivors, and community mentors, so nobody has to face cancer alone.

BG Imerman Angels 1024x538 Celebrate Movement With Body Gears During Physical Therapy Month

Thank you to the Imerman Angels for inviting us – yet again – to offer our time and services in assisting runners during the 2021 Chicago Marathon!

Let’s Move Together

Whether your goal is to push the boundaries of your physical abilities or simply live a pain-free life, the team at Body Gears is dedicated to your success. National Physical Therapy Month is the perfect time to visit one of our six Chicagoland centers for a free 20-minute screening. Meet our care team, share your story on social using #IChooseBodyGears, and let’s get moving toward your body’s full potential.

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