Client Case Study: Her Body Can Once Again Take the Heat

“Even from the first treatment, I walked out of Body Gears feeling different.” – Cheryl M.

Like many athletic, fitness enthusiasts, Cheryl M. tried to work through her pain for a long time before doing anything about it. For close to a year, the perfectionist and self-admitted type-A personality continued practicing her Bikram yoga three times a week, all the while likely over stretching and reinjuring herself.

“Bikram is hot yoga – 110 degrees and 40 percent humidity,” said Cheryl. “The heat is good for detoxifying and helps your muscles stretch easier but once you are warmed up you think you can go farther into a posture than you really should.”

A doctor Cheryl visited claimed she looked fine based on the way she moved and said there wasn’t much he could do. Then, a friend of Cheryl’s suggested April Oury, PT MS, IOC, CFMT, FAAOMPT, president of Body Gears, and purchased five sessions for her.

“April is a great teacher,” said Cheryl. “She really listens and I can’t say enough great things about her. Her intelligence and knowledge of the human body is just unbelievable.”

Oury found that Cheryl was overcompensating for the pain in the way she walked and that her posture needed correction. She showed Cheryl how everything in her body connected and why tendonitis in her right foot related to the pain she was experiencing in her right hip and lower back.

“Now I’m more cognizant of the way I walk and sit,” said Cheryl. “Everything has become less painful and I’m going to say I’m 95 percent pain-free. April did so much for me in just that first session. She is like a genius.”

Cheryl found everyone she dealt with at Body Gears to be caring and very educated. On her second or third session, she acted as a case study where Oury had some of the therapists she trains sit in and ask questions.

“At Body Gears, we believe in learning from each other and we take mentoring and continuing education very seriously,” state Oury. “We appreciate patients like Cheryl for participating in this process and helping us train our team and continuously improve our techniques and skills.”

“It’s so different, having gone to another physical therapy place for a torn rotator cuff a few years ago,” said Cheryl. “There it felt a little like a cattle call and with April and her people it seemed like a personal experience, not just in and out. It seemed like they cared more.”

Cheryl went to Oury once a week for five weeks with a plan to return for tune-ups if needed. She does the exercises she practiced on-site and was sent home with every day, and recommends Body Gears to everyone she knows who is in any kind of physical pain.

“April is so sweet,” said Cheryl. “I ask a lot of questions and she was always very patient with me.”

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