CrossFit Open 19.4

Well, we knew snatches and muscle ups were coming!

I like the design of this workout, with 3 minutes of rest built in. If you are close to having muscle ups, this gives you a great chance. With some rest before you hit the pull-up bar, hopefully you can get a few! Regardless of whether or not you have muscle ups, this workout requires scapular stability and rotator cuff endurance.

I have found that a lot of injuries occur when mixing movements that require pushing (burpees) and dynamic overhead activities (muscle ups). If athletes activate scapular stabilizers in the burpee instead of overusing pectorals (chest muscles), they will be more likely to have success and avoid injury.

Read below for mobility and activation tips to get those muscles primed, as well as a movement specific warm-up prior to 19.4

As always, if you are dealing with an injury, please go see a Physical Therapist!

Have fun and good luck!


  • Scorpion with pec stretch – accumulate 2min on each side
  • Child’s Pose stretch – accumulate 2min
  • PVC pass-throughs – x15
  • Yoga Inchworm – x10


  • Serratus Anterior Foam Roll holds at wall – 4×30”
  • I’s, T’s, and Y’s – 3×20” holds in each position
  • Ring rows –  5 second hold at top, 5 second negative, explode from bottom for 10 reps
  • External rotation pull-aparts – 2×10


  • Row at light intensity for 2min
  • 5 snatches (PVC pipe)
  • 5 kip swings
  • 5 snatches (barbell)
  • 5 kipping pull-ups
  • 5 snatches (build weight)
  • 5 chest to bar pull-ups
  • 5 snatches (workout weight)
  • 5 burpees