Marathon Series – Warming Up, Do I Have To?

Is it worth it to “wake up” your muscles or is it better to save time and energy? Ever a debate! 

If you’re familiar with the work of Kelly Starrett, he writes about how leopards don’t need to warm-up before they run, so why should we? His answer is that unlike a leopard, we often subject our bodies to hours of sitting with bad posture and subsequently moving with poor mechanics.

So yes, if you spend most of the day slouching at work or slumped in the car, you should most definitely warm up before EVERY SINGLE run.

Running Warm Up Marathon Series – Warming Up, Do I Have To?

IMPORTANT NOTE: The type of warm-up you do is very important if you don’t want to be wasting your time. Not all warm-ups are effective and some are even detrimental to your performance!

“Warming up” can mean very different things to different people. This generic term can include anything from a pre-workout one-mile jog to ladder sprints, to dynamic and even static stretching. What should you do?

At Body Gears, we take it a step further and often prescribe something for our patients to do before they even start to warm-up. It’s called “Getting in Gear” or GIG for short. According to Body Gears Founder, April Oury:

“It’s analogous to turning a dimmer switch all the way up so that
once the electricity reaches the light bulb, the bulb shines brightly.
Doing just a warm-up routine [without a GIG] is like leaving the light dim.
The light will still turn on, but it has significantly more potential for brightness.”

A GIG is always customized specifically to your physical blueprint and what your body needs to get the most out of your warm-up and maximize your training. It could mean mobilizing a joint whose stiffness contributed to an old injury or even activating a specific muscle whose sluggishness is contributing to your premature fatigue.

Once you’ve completed your prescribed GIGs, it’s on to a dynamic warm-up. The goal of this type of warm-up is twofold:

1) Increase blood flow to your muscles
2) Remind your muscles how to generate force through ranges of motion you don’t frequently use during the day

            a. By showing your muscles they have the strength to support you and don’t have to                      shut off or seize up, you’ll significantly reduce your risk of injury.

We’ve developed a dynamic warm-up with 7 quick moves that target your leg muscles and especially your hip joints to help you safely max out your body’s full potential. Sign up for our bonus Running E-book below to get the warm-up in its entirety.




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