Physical Therapists and Fitness Professionals Teaming Up for Great Results!!!

Physical Therapists and Fitness Professionals

Teaming Up for Great Results!!!

At Body Gears, we are always utilizing therapeutic exercise to maximize benefit from physical therapy. But we also realize that many of our patients want to get back to their recreational activities, especially exercise routines, pain-free. This often requires a gradual transition back to the gym, personal training, group classes, etc. It helps immensely when physical therapists team up with coaches and trainers to improve transition back to sports and exercise during and after physical therapy treatment.

At many of our locations, such as our Oak Park clinic, we have teamed up with fitness facilities to transition our clients easily and thoroughly back to their exercise routines. Personal trainers and coaches often come with the client to see what we have been working on in our physical therapy sessions and how we can translate that progress to their work in the gym. Additionally, our physical therapists have attended group classes and personal training seminars at fitness centers and studios to observe their teaching methods and learn their styles of exercise so that we can better prepare our clients for full return.

If you are a Body Gears patient and feel that you could benefit from a joint session with your coach or trainer, let your PT know! If you aren’t already a Body Gears patient but are limited in your normal exercise routine, give us a call and set up a free injury screen or an evaluation with one of our fitness-minded PTs. Our thorough assessments and treatment will get you back to full speed in no time!

By: Dr. Elizabeth Racioppi PT, DPT