Success Story Saturday: Low Back and Ankle

Success Story

Body Part: Low back and ankle

Diagnosis: Lumbago, pain in joint-ankle

My patient was quite pleased with the way Jonathan and I approached her painful gait complaint today (we co-treated her this session). Prioritizing the five most restricted soft-tissue and the five joint mobilization issues identified after watching her do the pre-tests (gait, knee tracking, and heel raises x 20 repetitions for strength and efficiency of the L foot). We worked on her L foot and ankle to address the painful symptoms of her lower leg. Following the treatment, the gait pattern showed ankle dorsiflexion occurring in the appropriate sagittal plane, the left lateral leg pain was gone, and the most interesting outcome was the fact that the quality of her single leg heel raises improved significantly from partial to full range in closed-chain plantarflexion whilst completing the 20 reps (she got tired in the end but the quality was notable). She left the session by saying that we are all “miracle workers!”

ankle Success Story Saturday: Low Back and Ankle