Success Story Saturday: Treating Plantar Fasciitis

Body Part: Foot and heel
Diagnosis: Plantar Fasciitis

I worked with an athletic male patient whose primary complaint was right heel pain which he stated was worse the mornings after running or playing tennis the previous day. He has had a long history of plantar fasciitis to both his lower extremities.  During the first treatment session I ran through the Functional Mobilization II (an Institute of Physical Art) treatment sequence for the lower leg, ankle and foot. Patient demonstrated a right navicular drop and calcaneal eversion during functional squats, after treatment, patient demonstrated an 80% improvement in ankle alignment, stating that he feels more “centered and balanced.” At his next visit patient reported that he had no pain during tennis the previous evening and had no discomfort the morning after as well. For our second treatment session we worked a little more into soft tissues of his right thigh since he also demonstrated femoral internal rotation during squats, but was still about 70% improvement in his ankle alignment. At the onset of his third treatment session, patient came in reporting only slight discomfort in the ankle, but no tightness to both his Iliotibial bands, and stated that he has noticed changes in his game while playing tennis. He reported that after doing his abdominal series as a warm up, he was hitting the ball a lot harder and farther without as much effort!