BG Patient

I am sorry that I waited so long to seek help!

I highly recommended Body Gears to anyone experiencing pain, whether it’s an acute or a long-time injury. As a professional dancer, I have suffered hip pain for years from an old injury, and after being treated at Body Gears, I am sorry that I waited so long to seek help. Every physical therapist that I have interacted with takes the time to listen and understand my symptoms and works to help me set appropriate goals for my treatment. Garrett has helped me immensely to look at all of my body mechanics, even down to how I walk and sit, to understand how I’ve been compensating for my pain and in turn, over-using the incorrect muscles. He gives me pertinent (and creative) exercises to strengthen the areas that I have over-looked that help to relieve my immediate symptoms and to reiterate more functional movement patterns in my activities. The highly-trained exercise technicians that work with me, either before or after my sessions, work to make sure that I comprehend the mechanics of each exercise and that I know how to do them effectively at home on my own. The front desk staff is always friendly and makes it easy to schedule appointments and handle billing matters. Body Gears truly cares about your progress and making sure that you get back to doing all the activities that are important to you!