BG Patient

I showed up for an appointment on the wrong day and they fit me in anyway!

Hands down the best place I’ve found on Yelp.

– Professionals at the top of their game
– 100% focused on you the patient
– Seriously friendly staff

I’d never been to a physical therapist before, but when my doctor recommended I see one for my lower back I quickly looked on yelp. I found the reviews for Body Gears helpful and I liked Body Gear’s website, so I booked an appointment.

Each staff member I encountered was both courteous and professional. I was working with Mike Anderson (who has since moved to another location) and I found him to be both friendly and professional. He really made me feel confident in recovery, he gave me the knowledge to understand what was happening in my lower back (which it turned out was partly a weak core) and the tools to get better.

I enjoy cycling and try to put in 100 miles a week. I was sold on my first visit when I mentioned to Mike that after hearing of my lower back pain my doctor responded with “maybe don’t ride your bike so much”. Mike looked shocked, when I relayed that info, and said “if you want to ride your bike 100 miles a week then you should be able to, and we’ll get you there”. I’m happy to say he did.

How’s this for service? I showed up for an appointment on the wrong day and they fit me in anyway. Thanks Body Gears!