BG Patient

I am back into performance shape!

As a professional ballet dancer, I struggled for years to regain strength after a major knee surgery left me weakened and battling muscle imbalances, which led to multiple subsequent ankle injuries and chronic pain down the line. I met Kathleen at a dance class in Chicago while recovering from yet another chronic ankle injury that had taken me away from dance for months. She began to treat my ankle and immediately diagnosed other weak spots in my hips, core, neck, and back that were contributing to my problems. Through a combination of soft tissue work, joint mobilization, and exercises that were specific to the skills needed for a ballet dancer, she has helped get me back into performance shape.

The approach of the therapists at Body Gears is much more holistic and comprehensive than at any other physical therapy clinic I’ve ever been to. Every one of the therapists I’ve worked with here has an incredible depth of knowledge and an extremely high skill level. I’m so thrilled to have Kathleen’s expertise and guidance as I move forward in my professional dance career. Thank you, Body Gears!