BG Patient

Body Gears set me up for success!

As a physician who is also very active in sports personally, I both send many patients to physical therapy, and go to physical therapy myself, frequently. Aaron is definitely the best physical therapist I have ever met. I injured my back last summer, and I was referred to a physical therapy center that gave me some generic exercises on a xeroxed sheet. At Body Gears, Aaron instantly recognized the movement pattern that had led to my injury, and then gave me exercises to change that movement pattern so I would not only get better but not injure myself again! Instead of a xeroxed sheet, I received videos of my prescribed exercises, which were a huge improvement. Along the way, an old injury cropped up. In less than a minute Aaron diagnosed what was causing the problem and taught me what I could do to prevent its recurrence. That was 4 months ago, I’m back exercising as much as ever, and I’m feeling great. I’m sure I’ll need PT again at some point, and when I do I’ll definitely be going back to see Aaron. I’ll also be referring as many patients whose insurance allows them to go to Body Gears.