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"I have had physical therapy several times before in different places but have never had such thorough, careful, attention and therapy as I had at Body Gears. My therapist Brad studied my back muscles and worked on the ones that needed help. The therapy assistants were careful to help me do my exercises correctly and safely. Everyone gave clear instructions. Everyone was nice and friendly. I am feeling better and know now how to continue working with my back to prevent the pain and strengthen my back muscles. I would definitely go again if I need further therapy." -Body Gears Patient

“The service that I received at Body Gears while treating my back pain was excellent. Thank you, Body Gears for all the hard work that you do.”-BG patient ‪#‎bodygears‬ ‪#‎testimonytuesday‬ ‪#‎naturalenergy‬

“Thank you for the comfortable atmosphere and EXCELLENT treatment. The staff at Body Gears is professional and knowledgeable. Keep up the good work, guys!”-BG patient ‪#‎bodygears‬ ‪#‎testimonytuesday‬‪#‎naturalenergy‬

“I visited Body Gears because I was experiencing extreme lower back pain. They were professional, organized and friendly. I am now pain free! I highly recommend Body Gears.” -BG patient ‪#‎bodygears‬ ‪#‎testimonytuesday‬‪#‎naturalenergy‬

“Body Gears exemplifies how physical therapy should be practiced. They are kind and incredibly knowledgeable. They combined massage, external manipulation and exercises to ease pelvic floor pain after childbirth.”-BG patient ‪#‎bodygears‬ ‪#‎testimonytuesday‬ ‪#‎naturalenergy‬

“Body Gears does a fantastic job at identifying problems and finding solutions to make everything better. I highly recommend their services, especially if you’re older and have had persistent pain with no relief.”-BG Patient ‪#‎bodygears‬ ‪#‎testimonytuesday‬ ‪#‎naturalenergy‬

“My experience at Body Gears was fantastic! As a dancer, I have specific needs in addressing injuries, and their physical therapists were great! The hands-on nature of their treatments were very effective, as were the exercises they gave me. I highly recommend them!”-BG Patient ‪#‎bodygears‬‪#‎testimonytuesday‬ ‪#‎dancers‬

“These guys are awesome. The physical therapists are nothing but knowledgeable and personable. The rest of the office staff was friendly, easy to talk to and always there to help. I came in on crutches barely able to sit up on my own from a back injury and I walked out of there 3 months later being able to go to the gym. I liked the philosophy they had of not treating patients but tuning athletes. I would recommend this place to anyone young or old, an athlete looking to improve your performance or anyone with a sore anything!”-BG Patient ‪#‎bodygears‬ ‪#‎testimonytuesday‬‪#‎physicaltherapy‬ ‪#‎backpain‬ ‪#‎athlete‬ ‪#‎performance‬

“Best PT treatment I have ever received! The physical therapists are incredibly knowledgeable and masterful at what they do. They get right to the source of whatever is causing discomfort and treat the whole body, rather than an isolated area. I will continue to see them every time I am in Chicago and highly recommend their services to highly trained athletes and to those recovering from injury – and to everyone else in between.”-BG Patient ‪#‎bodygears‬ ‪#‎testimonytuesday‬ ‪#‎physicaltherapy‬ ‪#‎painfree‬‪#‎recovery‬

“Body Gears is the most effective, knowledgeable and professional physical therapy practice. They deliver solid one-on-one attention without the distraction of juggling multiple patients. I was impressed with the physical therapists and their breadth of knowledge. In addition, you can tell they all truly care and have a bedside manner that helps you get through tough times. They work not only on the source of the pain/problem, but they also address all related areas for whole body healing. The therapists are very motivating; they have great energy and focus. They will change your life.”-BG Patient ‪#‎bodygears‬ ‪#‎testimonytuesday‬ ‪#‎healing‬ ‪#‎painfree‬ ‪#‎service‬

“It’s incredible how much better I feel.” - Jude Nosek

Eight years ago, a bicycle accident sidelined Nosek, leaving him in pain and with a limited range of motion. He went head-on into a tree at about 15 miles an hour. Though he had a helmet on, he had very serious injuries and considers himself lucky to still be alive.

Nosek wound up with two compression-fractured vertebrae in his neck, a severe concussion, and a herniated disk which swelled up and was impinging one of the nerves running down his left arm, causing it to become immobile for three or four months.

About a year later, Jude had regained about 70 percent of his normal ability and body function, but had continual headaches, neck pain, and pain in his left arm. He was fairly fit prior to the accident, competing in several triathlons, running frequently and biking 70 to 80 miles a week.

Over the course of the next seven years he tried to find some pain relief from the continual neck stiffness. He couldn’t turn his head from left to right, at least not quickly, so crossing the street, riding a bicycle, or driving a car it was very difficult to scan from left to right quickly.

“If I ever had my head turned to the side and swallowed, I would get these shooting pains down both sides of my neck,” said Nosek. “I still, until very recently, was getting that.”

He was treated for the disk herniation, which was the initial big problem, with steroid injections to reduce the swelling of the disk, his head was immobilized for a period of time, and he had a sling for his arm – all during the first four months, which he can’t really recall due to the concussion.

Nosek’s wife is a pediatric physical therapist, though she didn’t work on him. He went to a sports facility for rehab, which helped him regain his arm function, but they were not able to help him with the headaches and the stiffness and the soreness in his neck, which was constant; nobody was able to help him with his neck and the turning and swallowing at all.

“I tried physical therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, probably three different physical therapists, three different chiropractors, four different massage therapists, and some of them I would have these little breakthroughs, but it would go from 70 percent well to maybe 75 percent well. I really couldn’t get to where I could turn my head well and swallow or without soreness and stiffness in my neck.”

Body Gears had a clinic in Oak Park, and his wife, who recently had surgery on her elbow had been having treatment at Body Gears and suggested he make an appointment (one of the PTs at his wife’s clinic recommended Body Gears to her).

He’s been going for four or five months now, twice a week for the first two months and then once a week. He sees Dr. Garrett Petry, PT, DPT, on a regular basis and Body Gears President April Oury, PT MS, IOC, CFMT, FAAOMPT has treated him on several occasions as well, in conjunction with Petry.

“People have various traumas just living daily life,” said Petry. “It may be anything ranging from bonking your head on a shelf, to slipping and falling on ice or running into a tree with a bike – Jude’s most recent injury. These traumas may cause soft tissue (muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves, and fascia) and joints to become either too loose or too tight, affecting body movement in a manner that must be corrected.”

Petry utilized Body Gears treatment approach of Functional Manual Therapy™ to do things like correlate soft tissue and joint restrictions from areas that might seemingly be unrelated, such as the sternum/ribs and fascia of the cranium with the way his neck was moving.

“They are scientifically, systematically peeling the onion of my problem,” said Nosek. “Between the head and brain and the rest of the body is the neck and I had all kinds of problems because of this accident and another accident, and there are just so many different levels of muscle and tissue and spinal issues. Garrett has literally gone through segment by segment on my neck, muscle group by muscle group, it felt like resetting them in a way.”

Petry looked at all of the different ways Nosek’s vertebrae should be able to move (front to back, side to side, and up and down) and followed a Functional Manual Therapy™ principle of exposing the areas that had never been treated by other practitioners, allowing for some of their greatest gains.

“I couldn’t have gotten to where I am without all of the help I received, but it is this technique way beyond any other technique that I’ve been through that has produced results that have been way beyond what I expected,” said Nosek.

They gave him simple exercises to do at home that were neither strenuous nor painful, working on his core persistently and consistently, using different muscle groups that he hadn’t been using because he was protecting or guarding them from the pain associated with those movements.

“There is nothing wrong with the muscles but you’re afraid to use them and just haven’t used them correctly in so long,” said Nosek, “so they are re-teaching my body how to work effectively again.”

“Traditionally, most manual physical therapy is performed in a relaxed position while lying on a table, which is great to start, but the patient’s problems are not always exposed while lying down,” said Petry. “We move. This approach looks at the immensely complex, interdependent system, which is our body, and puts the pieces together in ways that cannot be done lying down.”

Petry added that Body Gears pushes its therapists’ personal and professional understanding and experience, allowing for the development of some of the highest quality manual physical therapists with a unique skill set, able to fit the variety of people who come to them for help.

Today there is very little Nosek can’t do and he doesn’t wake up with the

“It’s incredible how much better I feel.” After a serious bicycle accident Jude Nosek’s injuries left him in constant pain, with restricted motion in his neck. After seven years spent exploring all manner of therapies, Nosek found Body Gears. “This technique way beyond any other technique that I’ve been through that has produced results that have been way beyond what I expected.”  ‪#‎bodygears‬‪#‎neck‬ ‪#‎testimonial‬ ‪#‎recovery‬ ‪#‎biking‬

“I've had to go to therapy for several reasons, but this was my best experience because of the customer service I received and the team’s determination to relieve my back pain. The physical therapists consulted with each other to make sure they covered all the bases. I would recommend Body Gears solely on their dedication to eradicating my pain! I almost love them more than my first born.”-Body Gears Patient‪#‎testimonytuesday‬ ‪#‎bodygears‬ ‪#‎customerservice‬ ‪#‎backpain‬ ‪#‎painfree‬‪#‎dedication‬

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Here at Body Gears want to make sure that you are taking care of your body, and we want to make sure you know we are here to help you get ready for any upcoming race or event! Achilles tendonitis is one of the most common injuries in runners, making up 11% of running injuries. The Achilles tendon connects your two major calf muscles down to your heel. Overuse of these muscles can lead to tendonitis [inflammation] of the Achilles tendon. This problem results from repetitive stress to the tendon. A common cause of Achilles tendonitis includes increasing the amount or intensity of exercise, such as quickly increasing your miles without giving your body rest days. Another common cause is having tight calf muscles and suddenly beginning aggressive activity without stretching, which can strain the Achilles tendon. Common symptoms include pain and stiffness in the morning, pain in the back of your heel that gets worse with activity, and/or swelling that is present and gets worse with activity. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms or have increased your mileage or activity and want to prevent injury from occurring, come see us at Body Gears! At Body Gears we are the movement specialists and can determine which stages of walking, running, and jumping have faults to ensure a smooth road to recovery and return to the sport after injury, or help prevent injury it before it happens! #prehab #bodygears #fitness #healthandwellness #exercise #PT #DPT #DPTstudent #mobility #athlete #workout #recovery #rehab #prevention #rehabilitation #fitness #strengthandconditioning #correctiveexercise #longevity #movement #FMT #functionalmovement #IPA #physicalthearpy #runnersofinstagram #investinyourself

We celebrate our seniors today! #BodyGears hosted an open forum today at Hit It Fitness Oak Park to discuss & demonstrate movement/exercises that are helpful and essential for Seniors! We provided onsite, complimentary injury and mobility screens to make sure our participants feel confident and strong with their daily activities. If you know of any Seniors that could benefit from our services then please pass our information along! We take most major medical insurance, medicare, and other options to help. #choosePT #celebrate #seniors #physicaltherapy #oakpark

Today is the first Tuesday of the Baby & Me Yoga 6-Week Series hosted by our friends at The Yoga Centre in Oak Park! This Series is continuing every Tuesday from 11:00 am-11:45 am starting today and ending June 27th. See more details below and follow the link: Postnatal exercise fusing basics of yoga and pilates Playful interaction with your baby Camaraderie with other caregivers No prior experience necessary One adult with baby age 0-crawling #yoga #babies

Baby & Me Yoga

This postnatal exercise class fuses the basics of yoga and pilates, offering playful interaction with your baby as well as camaraderie shared with other parents or caregivers. All levels. No prior experience necessary. One adult with baby, age 0-Crawling. The Yoga Centre 266 Lake St, Oak Park IL instructor: Anja Munch

May 23, 2017 - May 23, 2017

#TestimonyTuesday I went to Body Gears on the recommendation of a friend and I am so glad I did!! I have 3 kids that are 10, 8, and 2 and have abdominal diastasis since my first one- so this is a 10-year-old problem. I had no idea that you could fix this without surgery. I worked mainly with Lindsay who did a phenomenal job in not only getting the diastasis gap to become significantly smaller but also educated me on how my core should be properly working so that I could continue to improve on my own. Bo was my PT tech who worked on exercises with me and he also did an excellent job! I'll be returning to Body Gears for any future problems I have even though there are many other places closer!! It is worth the drive! -Body Gears Patient #diastasisrecti #children #birth #core #improvment #exercise #education #educate #patientcare #friends #physicaltherapy #PT #DPT #bodygears #bodygearspt #investinyourself

Hollywood is Making Physical Therapy 'Glam' “Recently, there has been a huge push in the longevity and prevention aspect of medicine. The public is turning more and more to physical therapy to help them understand and manage their pain. Who doesn’t want to feel better and do it with the guidance of a good physical therapist instead of popping addictive medications? Becoming in touch with the body can be a game changer in every aspect of one’s life." Well said, Dr. Karen Joubert, PT, DPT! #choosePT #bodygears #physicaltherapy

Thank you to our friends at Chicago AcroYoga for having us at their 2nd Annual #ChicagoAcroFest! This two-day festival was filled with classes for all levels ranging from Introductory Acroyoga to high-level Acrobatics, handstands, therapeutics/massage, and everything in between! #chicagoacrofest #chicagoacro #chicagoyoga #sharetheacro #acroyogis #acro #acroclasses #workshops #acroyoga #spotting #spottersarekey #playtime #alllevels #practice #trust #community #acroantics #iloveacro

Our friends at Hit It Fitness Oak Park hosted and celebrated fitness with CorePower Yoga West Suburban Chicago Studios, Lively Athletics, and Body Gears Physical Therapy! We started the party with a Bloody Mary Bar, an amazing brand of Hit It! Kickboxing and a ton of classes and prizes. Thank you to OPRF for joining the fun! “Today is Dedicated to Body Gears, because the only reason I am able to do what I am able to do today is because of them” -Constance, Owner/Operator of Hit It! Fitness Oak Park.

Knee pain can be a debilitating issue, no matter who you are or what you like to do. Knee pain is commonly caused by poor tracking of the knee cap, or patella, on the articulating joint of the knee during weight-bearing flexion and extension motions. When knee pain arises due to biomechanical issues, "patellofemoral pain syndrome" is the medical name for what may be happening to your knee. Patellofemoral pain syndrome is a common pathology seen in people living active lifestyles. Whether you're trying to get back into an active lifestyle, or having knee pain that has been increasing in intensity over weeks, months, or even years, it can have a lot to do with the body mechanics you're using. Specifically, when stepping up or down, a pathology termed "medial collapse" is a common issue in those with knee pain. In other terms, medial collapse is when the knee falls inward during increased weight-bearing positions, indicating poor control of stabilizing muscles deep within the hip. In this activity, all you need is a theraband or some sort of resistance band long enough to wrap around the knee. Someone stands on the other side holding the theraband and pulls the band slightly, forcing the subject to resist the medial collapse it is pulling the knee into. As the subject performs more reps of the activity, you can see that she adds more reciprocal movement between her upper and lower body, allowing her to gain more stability in her core and facilitate the dynamic control to pull more laterally into that theraband during the step-up movement pattern. #choosePT #kneepain #knee #kneecap #patella #weightbearing #flexion #extension #motion #movement #active #activelifestyle #lifestyle #mechanics #bodymechanics #muscles #stabilizingmuscles #hip #core #movementpattern #physicaltherapy #PT #DPT #bodygears #bodygearspt #investinyourself

#sneakpeek Our friends at Chicago AcroYoga are hosting their 2nd Anual Chicago AcroYoga Festival this weekend! The Chicago AcroYoga Festival is a gathering and celebration of the growing AcroYoga community in the Windy City and the greater Midwest. This is a 2 day festival filled with classes for all levels ranging from Introductory Acroyoga to high-level Acrobatics, handstands, therapeutics/massage, and everything in between. Classes are taught by the best instructors from all over the Midwest. Plus there is plenty of time to share skills, play, and connect with this exciting community! Get tickets here: #BodyGears will be onsite Sunday! #chicagoacrofest #chicagoacro #chicagoyoga #sharetheacro #acroyogis #acro #acroclasses #workshops #acroyoga #spotting #spottersarekey #playtime #alllevels #practice #trust #community #acroantics #iloveacro

Meralgia parasthetica, also known as "skinny jean syndrome," is a syndrome that causes a tingling, burning pain down the outside of the thigh. This is caused by pressure and impingement on a structure called the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve, which supplies sensation to the upper thigh. When this nerve is impinged, it can cause tingling, numbness, or a burning feeling on the surface of the outer part of the thigh. One cause of this type of impingement is most often due to a structure called the inguinal ligament- when this ligament and it's surrounding fascia is restricted in mobility, it will put unwanted pressure over the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve, causing symptoms down the outside of the upper thigh. The name "skinny jean syndrome" comes from the pressure that skinny jeans can put on the inguinal ligament, however, these symptoms are not limited to people that wear skinny jeans. People who constantly have pressure on top of the inguinal ligament can develop symptoms due to compression on the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve. Some examples of other populations of people include police officers or handymen, who tend to wear heavy belts around their waist throughout the day. This activity specifically addresses improving the elasticity of the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve, mobilizing it through the tight structures of the inguinal ligament and surrounding tissues. Improving mobility of this nerve can prevent impingement and decrease pain along the outer upper thigh. The nerve glide is performed in a half-kneeling position while leaning away from the side with the knee down, helping to stretch the muscles on the front of the thigh, as well. This position isolates the nerve within the leg, helping to focus on "flossing" that nerve through it's surrounding structures including muscle, fascia, and fat. Manual physical therapy is an essential component to this nerve glide, as PT can help to first isolate the nerve within the lower extremity, then trace that nerve through the inguinal ligament down through the borders of the quads. Manual therapy plus nerve glides can ultimately help free up any fascia that's restricting mobility of the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve! #choosePT #skinnyjeans #syndrome #tingling #burningpain #nerves #numbness #fascia #mobility #mobilityrestrictions #elasticity #decreasepain #nerveglide #manualtherapy #FMT #functionalmanualtherapy #physicaltherapy #physicaltherapist #PT #DPT #bodygears #bodygearspt #investinyourself