Use Your Health Insurance Benefits Before they Reset or Expire

You’ve got goals for movements and activities that you want to achieve in 2016. 

Deductible Photo Use Your Health Insurance Benefits Before they Reset or ExpireThe good news is that by this time of year, many have met their yearly deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums, resulting in lower co-pays or no co-pays at all.   Those with Flexible Spending Accounts or Health Savings Plans may have additional benefits that, if not used will expire at year end.

That makes this the perfect time of season to make time for your health.   If you are struggling with pain, lack of mobility, or if you are nursing an injury that just won’t heal, a Body Gears Tune Up can get to the root of the problem, and get you on the road to recovery.

Your first visit will last approximately 60 – 75 minutes.  Your therapist will ask questions about the history and evolution of your situation/injury and your goals.   Before arriving, make a list of activities you want to do and what physically limits you from doing them.  We’ll work on those specific items.

Expect Change Even on Your First Session

As manual therapy experts, we push ourselves to be able to make immediate changes so that you walk out feeling different than when you walked in.  You will be armed with knowledge of your condition from anatomical points, to specific movements for body re-education and a Plane of Care will be in place that addresses not just your symptoms, but your problems.

If you’re ready to get the most out of your health benefits and welcome a pain free New Year, click here to find the Body Gears closest to your home or office.

At Body Gears, we believe that freedom of movement is the foundation of a healthy and satisfying life. We look forward to serving you and we welcome your questions, comments and inquiries. 877-709-1090.