What is a Free Injury Screen and Why Should I Bother?

Physical therapy is a vast field in the health care community. It is also one of the fastest growing occupations. However, it is also one of the least understood health care fields. According to Body Gears physical therapist Bradley Murison, PT, MPT. “When I tell people I am a physical therapist, I get everything from “oh, so you give a good back rub,” to “all you’re going to do is watch me exercise.” That could not be any further from the truth!”

At Body Gears Physical Therapy we specialize in Functional Manual TherapyTM. Not many people know what FMT is or how it differs from a typical physical therapy clinic. You may not know what you are missing! We offer free injury screens so that you can compare brands for yourself!

What is a free injury screen? It is a free, relatively short (10-15 minutes), face-to-face assessment with a Body Gears physical therapist. Our goal is to find out why you hurt and what we think we can do to alter that problem.  Patients do not have to have an acute injury or surgical history to take advantage of a free injury screen. Many people just want to know how to “feel better”.  We use the word “injury” to mean anything that is keeping you from functioning at 100%.

By reviewing mild injuries or what you may think are unrelated questions, a Body Gears physical therapist can start painting a picture of health and health challenges. The physical therapist will also identify any red flags (i.e. unknown origin of pain, night pain, unexplained weight loss) to determine if the patient is safe to start physical therapy, or needs to be sent to their primary medical practitioner.

Since Body Gears is a Functional Manual Therapy TM practice, we will also perform a proprietary postural and gait analysis.  This, in conjunction with subjective history, will give us great insight into how a patient’s body is working or rather, “not working.” These lead us to which joints may need movement training to change dysfunctional articulation.  Lastly, it often answers the question as to why certain muscles “always feel too tight” or like “I always have to stretch that muscle because it never lets go.”

Finally, we grab an anatomy book or model to demonstrate our findings and what we do to correct it.

This is where we stand out from other physical therapy clinics and how we make that connection with our patients. Sometimes we are the first people to sit and really listen to a patient’s story, before we give them more input about what is ‘wrong’ with them. Our goal is to educate and allow the patient to make the best decision for his/her own body.

Anyone who is seeking out physical therapy has the right to choose where they obtain physical therapy intervention. So why just choose the place that is across the street from your favorite coffee place? Utilize the free injury screen and get that face-to-face time, comparing for yourself to see if that physical therapist is the right fit.

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