Treating Patients Virtually Anywhere

For years, patients have come to Body Gears throughout Chicagoland for effective outcomes and a faster return to wellness. Now we’re providing the same services virtually.

During this unprecedented health situation, the Body Gears staff has turned its attention to treating our patients remotely, through an expanded telehealth program. CMS guidelines during the COVID-19 crisis now enable us to use any private platform for telehealth visits to insure continuity of care. This includes Apple FaceTime, Facebook Messenger video chat, Google Hangouts, Zoom, Skype—any private platform that has both video and audio is acceptable at this time.

Through videoconferencing, a licensed therapist works with patients one-on-one for 30-minute sessions. During the virtual visit, the therapist watches the patient’s movements and activities, then provides specific treatment to address the problem areas identified. Through the video component, the therapist can demonstrate exercises and self-joint mobilization techniques as well as document important metrics such as range of motion.

Virtual physical therapy requires both patients and their therapists to get a little creative with treatment. Instead of using the clinical equipment we’d normally have at our fingertips, we’re finding substitutes in household items. For instance, in place of parallel bars, patients being treated for fall and balance issues may be holding onto a chair or a kitchen counter. A can of soup is a good fill-in for a one-pound barbell.

Physical and occupational therapy plays an important role in the recovery of patients post-surgery as well as for many chronic conditions people face. Telehealth continues our commitment to lead the industry in using innovation to deliver robust, quality care to all. It enables patients to continue to make progress toward their physical therapy goals so they get back to life quickly and pain-free, with minimal interruption in plans of care.

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