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Body Gears Method

Body Gears physical therapists are highly trained professionals, experts at uncovering the root cause of your symptoms, meeting your physical challenge with a solution that allows your body to function at its full potential.  Our therapists are ‘PT Geeks’, taking five times more continuing education classes than required and thoroughly reviewing the research on countless interventions.  We collaborate as an integrated unit, discussing clients’ conditions long after clinic hours and working together to perform multiple techniques simultaneously for greater effect.

Body Gears physical therapists address each patient individually, working one-on-one and in collaboration with fellow therapists to identify the source of pain, physical limitations, and structural issues.  We see each challenge as an opportunity to provide patients with answers they can’t find elsewhere, giving them specific skills to address injuries and limitations, and returning them to a highly functional state, often better than before their issues began.

Patients are not simply cured, they are equipped with the tools to maintain optimal function and experience a pain-free lifestyle, as well as the knowledge necessary to prevent recurrences in the future.

Body Gears physical therapists base treatment plans around the use of Functional Manual Therapy® (aka FMT).  FMT is an integrated system that seamlessly blends evaluation and treatment, combining mobility treatment with neuromuscular facilitation (i.e. using the correct muscles at the right time with the necessary strength and endurance).


Connecting the Dots of Your Physical Blueprint.

What Does That Mean?

In plain English, we watch exactly how you move and determine whether it could be more efficient. Then, we put you on the treatment table and our highly trained therapists release mechanical restrictions (like releasing a joint that’s too tight, a nerve that doesn’t glide properly, or a superficial fascia layer that’s not allowing movement). Once we can move the area passively for you, we then teach you how to “drive your machine” (turn on the right muscles) in a new and correct way so that you can move with freedom and ease…and you don’t reinjure yourself.

How Is This Different?

You may be asking, “How is this different from other types of body work?” No other form of therapy does everything that Functional Manual Therapy® (FMT) does in such a fully integrated way. Chiropractic, for instance, is good for joint manipulation, massage effectively lengthens muscles and the Alexander Technique teaches people how to move properly. FMT does all of this and more! One of the most important aspects of our patient care is personal education in body awareness. In essence, once we restore your movement, we then teach you how to move and maintain that movement.

Our Credentials

You’re in very good hands with our physical therapists. Our treatment philosophy is rooted in the breakthrough practice of Functional Manual Therapy® taught at the Institute of Physical Art (IPA). Of the more than 300,000 licensed physical therapists in the U.S., less than 300 have a Certification in Functional Manual Therapy® and fewer than 30 have successfully completed their Fellowship in this modality. To put all of this in perspective, all of our therapists engage in courses through the IPA and are on their way to certification, if they're not certified already.

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