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Performance Therapy

Here at Body Gears, we take a global approach to assessing and improving your performance. Many times, athletes may suffer from an injury to a certain joint, for example the knee, whereas the true culprit may be else where, even below at the foot and ankle!  Seeking treatment to the knee would help, but it is not going to cure the root of the problem, which we will find during our extensive Functional Manual Therapy® Initial Evaluations.  Specific motions occur at each and every joint in our bodies, and it is vital these happen in sync, so that our bodies operate as one well-oiled machine.

That is why we at Body Gears refer to ourselves as mechanics for the human body!

Our Body Gears Physical Therapists will assess each patient’s entire movement system specific to their performance needs to develop a strategy that will not only fix the current complaint, but help prevent future injuries from occurring (or old injuries from re-occurring). It also gives our patients a self-awareness of their own bodies, enabling you to be the captain of your ship and not just a passenger, in order to reach your ultimate potential on and off the course! Our therapists are experts in movement analysis and functional anatomy helping athletes perform with increased strength, heightened speed, honed precision, and longer endurance. We don’t let you exercise and work past your problem – We fix it.

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At Body Gears, we aren’t afraid of your pain.