Types of Headaches

Pain from headaches takes a toll like no other pain. Unlike pain coming from other body parts, headaches can result in blurred vision, nausea, and sensitivity to light and sound. Headaches can either be related to an underlying medical condition or exist independently. Headaches not associated with a medical condition can be classified into 6 different categories:

Cervicogenic Headaches: the pain usually starts on one side of the neck and travels forward over the head

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Cluster Headaches: the most unbearable type of headache with pain usually in the front of the head near one eye

Chronic Paroxysmal Hemicranias: pain usually in the front of the head near one eye and spreading to the neck

Tension-Type Headaches: classic generalized headaches usually described as pressure or tightness

Migraines Without Aura: start as a dull, usually throbbing headache at the front of the head on one side (sometimes shifting) with pain ranging from mild to severe

Migraines With Aura: same as migraines without aura but with warning symptoms before full headache onset

How can physical therapy help?

Often, the culprit isn’t just your diet or busy schedule. The first step to being pain-free is to determine what type of headache you have. At Body Gears, we complete a full review of your symptom patterns and investigate everything from basic neck range of motion to cranial nerve special testing. A complete postural assessment will be performed in any positions that you spend your time in for work, athletics, or recreation. With this analysis, our physical therapists will clearly pinpoint your specific joints, soft tissues, neural, and postural dysfunctions in order to formulate a manual therapy and exercise program.

Whether your symptoms are due to a mechanical, neuromuscular, or motor control problem, or all of the above, your treatment plan will be individualized to you. At BodyGears Physical Therapy, we aren’t afraid of your pain and long-lasting relief from your headaches is on the way with the help of a physical therapist!

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