Pre-Surgical Rehab

Why am I hearing so much about “prehab”?

Pre-surgical rehabilitation, or “prehab,” is becoming increasingly popular in the surgical and physical therapy communities. Just as “rehab” generally refers to work that patients do to recover after surgery or intense medical treatment, “prehab” is designed to be undertaken prior to that procedure.

What does pre-surgical rehabilitation accomplish?Pre Surgical Rehab Pre Surgical Rehab

To put it succinctly, prehab shortens rehab. For patients who have pre-planned joint replacements or other reparative operations, pre-surgical rehabilitation helps reduce the time and challenges of post-surgery rehabilitation.

After surgery, patients must re-learn how to move again. Often, much of that need comes from the lack of muscle mass and flexibility that the condition requiring surgery caused. In addition, the surgery itself will result in pain and stiffness in the following days and weeks.

Pre-surgical rehabilitation is designed to help you regain some of your lost strength and flexibility before you even have the surgery, as well as build up your ability to heal more quickly after your operation. When done correctly, prehab can dramatically decrease the time and pain associated with post-surgical recovery.

What happens in “prehab”?

Assuming you have enough planning time and depending on what your surgeon advises, your pre-surgical rehabilitation sessions will start about six weeks before your operation.

During your sessions, you’ll be working on building your overall strength and endurance, so your body bounces back quickly from the surgical trauma. In addition, your physical therapist will help structure a plan that meets the challenges of your particular surgery, such as building upper body strength if you’re going to be getting around on crutches. You’ll also have the opportunity to address any concerns you have, such as climbing stairs or your first time out of bed after surgery.

What can I expect from pre-surgical rehabilitation at Body Gears?

Studies have shown that patients who participate in pre-surgical rehabilitation experience these specific benefits:

  • Increased stamina and confidence. Not only will you have more aerobic endurance and muscle strength to take on your postoperative care routine, but you’ll have the confidence in having already built up your strategies for doing so.
  • Increased mobility. Ensuring the tissues around your surgical site are functioning as efficiently as possible will make post-surgical rehab much easier. We’ll also teach you how to use any mobility devices you might need so that your first post-surgical trip to the bathroom is a breeze.

With pre-surgical rehabilitation, our highly trained team of physical therapists will put together the right program to ensure that your post-surgical rehabilitation is as brief and painless as possible.

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