Work Injury

Physical Therapy for Injured Workers 

Being injured at work can cause significant stress and pain that affects your ability to complete tasks and provide adequate income for your needs. At Body Gears Physical Therapy, our number one priority is to ensure your pain is relieved fast so you can safely return to work as soon as possible. We emphasize the following when it comes to your recovery after a work-related injury: 

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  • Relieving pain quickly 
  • Restoring normal range of motion 
  • Restoring strength, flexibility, and stamina 
  • Ensuring a complete recovery after surgical procedures 
  • Education on how to manage your injury and prevent future occurrences 

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Work Hardening 

Work Hardening is a specialized program with a different focus from post-injury therapy. The focus of work hardening is to get the worker in work shape to successfully return to their pre-injury job. Any required job functions are simulated in the clinic with indirect supervision from a physical therapist. Work Hardening is an ideal way to get a recovered patient back to work while minimizing the risk of re-injury.  

Work Conditioning 

Similar to work hardening, work conditioning is performed during the course of post-injury therapy and focuses on incorporating a specific work task as part of routine therapy treatment. An example would be a carpenter who has a shoulder injury and spends 10 minutes of his therapy time hammering over his head. 

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE’s) 

This is a highly specialized service in which extensive physical testing is done to answer the following questions:  

  1. Can this person return to work safely? 
  2. How severe is the pain? 
  3. What type of job can this person physically handle? 
  4. What are this person’s safe lifting tolerances? 
  5. What accommodations would need to be made to allow this person to return to work? 
  6. What is the next step for physical therapy treatment? 
  7. What are this person’s cardiovascular and muscular endurance limitations for working? 
  8. What are this person’s tolerances for standing, sitting, and walking? 

Case Managers and Employers 

We offer a variety of comprehensive programs for injured workers to help them recover quickly and safely. Once a worker has been injured, it is our goal to restore him/her to optimal function for safe and efficient job performance in a timely manner. We provide effective case management, detailed and timely reports, and positive communication between health care providers, workers, and case managers for the worker’s compensation case. 

We assess the worker’s current functional abilities and gather information regarding his/ her job requirements. Treatment is both evaluative and restorative. Therapy will utilize a combination of manual therapy techniques, therapeutic exercises, body mechanics training, modalities, and patient education/ home programming. 

We also off preventative care programs which offer the following benefits: 

  • Decreased staff turnover 
  • Increased worker productivity 
  • Safer work environment 
  • Reductions in lost time 
  • The diminished incidence of fraud and abuse 

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